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Engineering Emotion

T+A PA3100HV @ Audio Therapy

Founded in 1978 T+A are an electronics and loudspeaker manufacturer who have their headquarters based in Herford, a small town in the north west of Germany.

They are a family run business who produce an extensive range of electronics and loudspeakers and have something to cater for most budgets with their diverse product ranges.

T+A stands for Theory + Application and they are very much a science and engineering led company. Everything is designed and built in-house at Herford, from the circuit boards and casework to the software. This gives T+A complete control and freedom over what they do, it took them 3 years to design their first HV series product for example and being a family owned company they don’t have to answer to shareholders and suchlike.

Build quality is exceptional and their attention to detail is meticulous to say the least each product is designed and build with longevity in mind, to quote a line from their website…….

“good enough” is never good enough: we insist on the optimum solution

With the world first DSD 1024 capable player T+A’s innovations and scientific approach has allowed them to become of one leading specialist hi-fi companies in the world. Their research and development programme is second to none, in addition their manufacturing processes leaves no stone unturned. For example, they have no traditional assembly lines, instead production staff work in teams and manually assemble and check each sub-assembly as they go, to ensure that each and every product that leaves the factory is perfect.

I have access to the full T+A range, in terms of demonstration stock Series 200 and the flagship HV series is what I am starting with. The Series 200 is the newest range in the T+A line up and offers genuinely astonishing value for money. I have the MP 200, DAC 200 and A200 on demonstration, there is also a headphone amplifier from this series called the HA 200.

The flagship HV Series will be on demonstration in due course

Series 200

T+A DAC 200 @ Audio Therapy

Designed in a 3/4 width chassis, Series 200 is reminiscent of their M Series from the 1990’s and almost feels like a nod to the classic midi system, but one which offers a serious nod to the high end sound that T+A are renowned for.

Each box is available to purchase separately, I can see plenty of people using the DAC 200 and A200 connecting a Melco into the DAC 200 via USB for example.

The DAC 200 offers plenty of digital connectivity with 7 inputs (2 x SPDIF, 2 x Optical, 1 x BNC, 1 x AES/EBU and 1 x USB-B), it sports a single analogue RCA input so a phono stage/turntable could be connected. It also has the option to specify an HDMI video board, with 2 inputs and 1 ARC output. Incredibly useful if in the same room as a TV, it can turn the DAC200 into a real hub for the living room,

The MP200 is the source component within Series 200, it is incredibly versatile and can be used as a CD transport, a Streaming Client (it is Roon Ready and also has Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer plus Internet Radio) and it also offers Bluetooth, USB-A as well as 2 RCA and 1 Optical input.

With the MP200 Multi Source Player feeding into the DAC 200 and then onto the A200 Stereo Power Amplifier – simply add speakers and you have a superb high performing, yet compact system that genuinely punches well above its price point.

Tonally it is very clean and neutral sounding, it is very transparent and offers you superb insight into the music, without it ever sounding forced, clinical or fatiguing.

The MP200, DAC200 and A200 on permanent demonstration, as ever it is possible to organise a home loan as well, part exchange is welcome too, you can learn more about the Series 200 products on the links below.

The HV Series

Coming Soon! 

T+A MP-3100HV @ Audio Therapy