Vimberg – Engineered Art

Vimberg Loudspeakers are both designed and manufactured in Hürth, Germany at maybe the finest boutique manufacturer in the world: Tidal Audio

Tidal have an incredible reputation within the industry and everything they manufacture is handcrafted to perfection without compromise at any level.

Tidal Audio are well aware that their products are out of reach financially for the vast majority of people and in order to be more accessible to serious music lovers the idea of a new brand, at a more affordable price point was born – Vimberg.

Clients for high end products understandably want some reassurance that they are investing into a proven brand with history and a track record of success. If you haven’t heard of Vimberg please don’t assume they are an unknown new start-up. Vimberg loudspeakers designed and engineered by the very same people who create the Tidal Audio range of products, they aren’t outsourced to get them manufactured for less money. Everything is designed and built in the Tidal Audio factory in Germany with the same level of care, love and attention.

Vimberg Tonda @ Audio Therapy

There has obviously had to be some minor changes to production techniques and engineering processes to create a a range of products at a lower price point but the overall experience and emotion delivered by a Vimberg speaker is almost identical to that of a Tidal.

There are several aspects to the creation of a loudspeaker, the design process, the construction and of course the materials that are used.

Just about everyone passes comment on how attractive the Vimberg speakers are, thankfully their beauty is not just skin deep, they have been designed and engineered to perfection and their construction follows this thinking as well. Please don’t presume dropping some drive units and a crossover inside a heavy cabinet automatically produces a world-class speaker, it is this exhaustive design process and meticulous attention to detail that gives the speaker its unique DNA.

The cabinets are heavily braced so there is no unwanted resonances, they are manufactured from a waterproof high density fibreboard. This is resin coated, heavily compressed then applied with multiple coats of a high gloss polyester piano finish. The end result is arguably one of the best gloss finishes you will see anywhere, across any industry. The reflections you get from the gloss black version is testament to the quality of the finish.

Vimberg Mino @ Audio Therapy

All of the drive units used in Vimberg speakers are from the hugely respected company Accuton. The drivers use diaphragms made out of an aluminium sandwich of ceramic and diamond and are ultra-stiff in their construction and are very lightweight. The crossovers use exclusive foil capacitors, air core inductors and come from Duelund and Mundorf. All metal parts are created from a single block of aluminium, which just underlines Vimbergs fastidious approach to absolutely everything they do.

All of these factors combined together give the Vimberg its voice and its DNA. When you hear a Vimberg speaker it won’t take long to realise why they have taken an almost obsessive level of care and attention over every single aspect of their speakers.

The resultant performance from this engineering results in ultra linear performance frequency response with incredible timing and a complete of the drivers diaphragm signature.

It’s all about the little details……

As with anything in life you get the small details correct and everything simply falls into place.For example, each drive unit is not just bolted into the cabinet, instead they are first fitted into a bespoke aluminium plate, resulting in reducing energy transfer from the drive units into the cabinet themselves to zero.

Rigidity, resonance control, energy accumulation – each Vimberg takes these things into account to reproduce music in the most lifelike way possible.

Vimberg Parts @ Audio Therapy

Vimberg has been consistently praised for the attention to detail, even on the inside of the cabinets which you never see, many people think why bother, you don’t even see this, but it level of care and attitude which puts Vimberg where they are in performance terms.

The Vimberg ethos is simple – reproducing music the most realistic way possible, and removing the speaker itself from the music, the speaker simply becomes an audible invisible messenger. Since there is no closer and more intense way to connect with the artist, the event, the music itself. Experience the new benchmark!

There are currently 3 models available from Vimberg Audio, we keep the Mino and Amea on permanent demonstration, the Tonda can be arranged to be heard upon request. Learn more below!

Vimberg in the Press

Since the launch of the Mino and Tonda in 2018 after the Munich High End Show they have both met with universal acclaim from reviewers all of the world.

This is a mighty impressive debut

Roy Gregory, The Audiobeat

Vimberg is the “almost affordable” division of Tidal speakers, minus the glorious black lacquer and the latest black diamond ceramic Accuton drivers which translates into minus a whole lotta cash for pretty much the same sound the original Tidal designs had some 5 years ago. Which was excellent and still remains a superb solution

Part Time Audiophile, Munich 2019 Award Value for Money

The Tonda’s overall sound quality is exceptional. Bass is deep and taut, with no hint of boom or overhang; highs are delicate and complete, yet never heavy or biting. Through listening and, later, measurement, I came to understand that these speakers are extremely linear, easily matching the most neutral speakers I’ve ever had in one of my systems. The Vimbergs can play big, too, with effortless clarity, and at sound-pressure levels that would break many speakers

Jeff Fritz, Soundstage Ultra

The extremely neutral and precise Mino plays in the uppermost echelons. Plasticity, dynamics and accuracy in exquisite material quality. Rather it is honest, and that’s what distinguishes the entire speaker. It embodies pure neutrality. The timing is almost unbelievable, as is the attention to detail and the pinpoint accuracy over the entire transmission range. Seamless dynamics, but also exquisite tonality should please the fans of classical music. In fact, this speaker is sensationally accurate, making it exciting and extremely fun!

Stereo Magazine, Germany