18th January 2024 · Entreq

Entreq Macro Box Special Offer

Entreq’s Macro Grounding Kit has been a very popular upgrade for people since it’s launch. They have been used in all manner of systems on different components to great effect – from routers, network switches, integrated amplifiers, network streamers, DAC, CD players, the list goes on.

As with all Entreq grounding solutions you simply connect the ground box/cable to a spare connection on your component (like a spare RJ45 socket on a router or an RCA input on a integrated amplifier) – this connection effectively drains unwanted noise and pollutants away from the component and is dumped into the ground box, this lowers the noise floor and subsequently improves the performance of whatever you connect it to. They make the presentation more natural, calmer with increased detail and improved textures.

Each Macro Kit comes with a cable and 1 connector of choice, RCA, XLR (male or female), USB (A or B), RJ45 or Spade – so most bases are covered.

Entreq UK have been running a special over offer the winter, the Macro Kit is normally £400, but until the end of January they are £300 including UK mainland P&P. I’ve had quite a customers takes advantage of this offer, and there is just under 2 weeks to run before the price changes and I know I’ve spoken to several customers who haven’t yet put an order in.

The Peak 4 Ground Post has also been on special offer, these are normally £320, but they are £240 until the end of the month, these serve as an upgrade to any ground box (the only boxes you can’t use a Peak 4 on is the Primer Box or Micro Kit), the Peak 4 also serves as a nice upgrade to the K2 and Everest posts, sonically the Peak 4 gives you best bits of the other 2 posts.

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