23rd January 2024 · Entreq

Entreq Primer Pro Speaker Cable 2.5m Special Offer

We are running a special offer on Entreq Primer Pro Speaker Cable – this offers applies only to 2.5 metre pairs (clearing excess stock)

The normal price of a 2.5m pair is £1100 – the special offer price is £825 including UK P&P

Stock is brand new

Up until the recent launch of the Hexa range Primer Pro was Entreq’s entry level range of cables and over the past few years it has been very popular, serving as a great introduction to Entreq to many new customers. At a cursory glance to many Entreq cabling can look complicated, even bewildering with ground boxes and ground cables and many people dismiss them out of hand as a result. But, for those who take the time to understand what Entreq is about and importantly spending some time with cables in their system it almost always results in a very happy customer.

Entreq signal cables can elevate system performance to a whole new level, to a place many customers thought not possible from ‘merely cables’, Entreq’s principle of extraneous noise removal is key to their ability and performance.

All Primer Pro signal cables come included with a Primer ground box and hardwired ground cables, the grounding arrangement has a simple function – to remove noise and pollutants present in the signal path and drain them to the ground box to allow the signal to be free from noise.

When first connected up to a system the general feedback from most people is that it sounds a bit drab and lifeless and to be fair, in many systems it can. But once it has been connected up for a few hours the benefit of the ground box/ground cables slowly starts to come into play. It can take a little while for this to occur but over the first evening/24 hours of listening to music the changes are always quite apparent. In many demonstrations you can literally hear the presentation change and open up after just a few songs – this does vary from system to system.

By removing the unwanted pollutants from the cable/signal path and draining them to the ground box the noise floor is lowered, dynamics increase and you get a more natural, organic sound with better flow, rhythm and timing. I have supplied Primer Pro to good number of customers and many of them have replaced more expensive speaker cables from more well established cables brands from both the UK and the USA.

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