Le Son Vrai – The True Sound

Founded in 1987 in a small town north-east of Toulouse in the south of France, Metronome are a long established brand, whose audiophile credentials were deservedly earned during the 1990s with a brilliant range of CD transports and CD players.  Fast forward to today Metronome have evolved and grown, driven by a serious passion for music and all things hi-fi. Disc replay is undoubtedly less popular than it once and the current range of Metronome products embraces the modern age of streaming and high performance DACs, whilst not forgetting CD replay for those who still like to spin silver discs.

Metronome has 3 ranges of products, the Classica range is their entry level range and features 3 products, a CD transport, a CD player with DAC (and optional streaming board) and a standalone DAC.

Above Classica sits the AWQO range, which is another 3 products – a CD/SACD transport, a DAC and a CD/SACD player with DAC.

There is also another range called ‘Digital Sharing’ which comprises of 2 models, a Network Player/Digital Transport called the DSS and there is also the DSC, this model is a Network Player with digital input and also featuring a high performance pre-amp.

I’m starting out with the Classica range and have the Le DAC 2 and Le Player 4+ on permanent demonstration.

Metronome Le PLAYER 4+ @ Audio Therapy

Classica Range