Acustica Applicata Studio DaaD


  • Unlock the potential of your room
  • Acoustic Traps
  • Works from 120 Hz Upwards
  • Flexible Placement


Founded in 1992 in Tuscany the Acustica Applicata range of acoustic traps were specifically designed to deal with troublesome lower and medium frequencies and they are considered to be one of the finest room acoustic solutions available today.

Why deployed correctly in a room they can offer a dramatic improvement in system performance, by allowing your to hear more of your speakers and less of your room, on average only around 20% of the sound you hear comes directly from your loudspeaker, the other 80% comes from reflections and resonances, bouncing around your room many times causing delays, distortions and negatively affecting what your hear.

Acustica Applicata have essentially developed a range of “fast” acoustic traps which able to deal with resonant frequencies, without affecting the non-resonant ones.

The micro-pressed outer metal sheet of the tower and the combination of materials for the resistive layer create friction with the air passing through. This result is that the whole acoustic device does not slow the music transients from following one another.

The towers are very light, easy to move and adjust, their lobed footprint makes them relatively easy to locate in corners, effectively penetrating the corner area more effectively and therefore capturing the resonant frequencies more efficiently

Unlike a flat panel the DaaD towers can be rotated upon itself so it can be orientated in a particular way depending on the room, the opposing sides of the DaaD offer diffusion and absorption and their position has a large impact on the sound quality. It all depends on the room and the musical tastes/requirements of the customer.

When sound waves hit a DaaD tower they are evenly diffused all of the way around it. Every aspect of the sound improves when DaaD towers are introduced correctly into a room. The sound becomes more detailed, yet totally natural and organic in terms in terms of presentation. They don’t fundamentally change the sound of your system, but they dramatically clean it up.

Just about everyones (regardless of their system) who listens to a selection of DaaD towers in their room is shocked by the level of improvement they offer. It’s a significant component level upgrade and then some in most instances.

The Studio Daad is a conventional Daad 2, but fitted with on a telescopic stand, that can adjusted so the base of the DaaD can be anywhere from 23cm to 80cm from the floor.


Diameter: 22 cm (at widest point)

Height: 110 cm (excluding stand which can add between 23 cm and 80 cm)

Colour: Black or White

For Resonances from 120 Hz to 20,000 KHz

For early lateral and back reflections.

If you are interested in listening to some Acustica Applicata in your room please get in touch. It’s not a case of just buying some (or borrowing some) and hoping for the best. Your room requires mapping and running through the Acustica Applicata Software program in the first instance and we can take it from there. The software will accurately calculate reflection and resonance points and a number of potential solutions based on budget and aesthetics. 

The image below is from a recent room mapping



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