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Alluxity Integrated One Mk2


  • Stunning Design and Performance
  • Control Volume/Inputs from Phone
  • Incredible Build Quality
  • Part Exchange Available


Moving to mk2 version of the Integrated One this new model has a completely new volume control with more relays integrated into it, it now offers 1db increments so there is much finer control on the volume and it’s a really obvious change.

There is a new pre-amp stage in the mk2 model making this new amplifier fully balanced from input to output and with that comes all the usual benefits of a fully balanced topology – greater resolution and bandwidth , a +6dB increase in gain and a lower signal to noise ratio as well.

The design is clean, simple and stylish; the gorgeous lines of the casework marry up to the elegant 5 inch touchscreen which is so intuitive to operate.  The stunningly beautiful one-piece aluminium casework is available in black or white as standard. Reassuringly heavy, the build quality for the money is easily as good as anything sub £10,000 (and then some). Alluxity is one of those brands where unfortunately photos can’t really do it justice, it’s only when you see it first hand you realise how attractive and how well put together it is!

As with all Alluxity products the design is based around fully discrete balanced plug-in modules, enabling upgrades and servicing to be as simple and cost effective as possible. SMD components are used throughout to keep the signal path as short as possible. There is no global feedback and no parallel output transistors – all of which sounds very techy, but ultimately it all adds to up to great sound quality!

Priced at £8950 you get 200 watts per channel and more than sufficient connectivity, there are 3 pairs of RCA inputs, 2 pairs of XLR inputs, RCA pre-outs, Speaker outputs and a network connection for tablet/phone control. Standard finishes are Black, White Satin, Titanium or Orange.

Sonically the Integrated One is staggeringly good for the money. I would quite happily put the Integrated One up against a pre/power combination costing a lot more money than the price of admission here. It offers incredible texture/tone and musicality that so many other brands can only dream of. You may listen to something costing more money from brand xyz and get drawn in by the incredible levels of detail and resolution it can offer, but the Alluxity does the opposite, the longer you listen you simply get drawn in and seduced by its ability.

In an age where the industry is full of Class D digital amps which are cold, unengaging, 2-dimensional, and a bit too ‘hi-fi’ to allow you to truly get into the music the Alluxity Integrated One comes as a breath of fresh air!.  Alexander has come up with a truly great product here, it looks stylish and modern yet all offers all of the performance you expect from a serious piece of hi-fi. Less is more and all that!

If you’re not sure as you’ve never heard of the brand, or you want to be truly engaged by your music give Alluxity a listen…….you won’t be disappointed!

Additional information


200 watts per channel into 8 Ohms


Black, Satin White, Custom Finishes Available POA

RCA Inputs

2 Pairs

XLR Inputs

3 Pairs


1 Pair RCA Pre-out

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