Alluxity Media One


  • Incredible Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • 2 TB Storage
  • Can Play Off NAS or Melco as well as internal drive
  • ReQuest Software
  • Part Exchange Available


Alluxity Media One

The Media One was the final Alluxity piece to launch to the marketplace. They took their time to fine tune performance to maximise the ability of this player and to make operation as simple and intuitive as possible.

The default off the shelf Media One is priced at £8900 and comes with 2 x 1 TB 2.5 inch hard drives fitted. If you would rather have SSD drives installed this adds £1750 to the price but also delivers a pretty significant uptick in performance.

The Media One can play music stored on an existing NAS drive and you can also have the Media One act as a NAS itself (for example if you have another UPnP player in another room that can access the music on the Alluxity).

If you already have a Melco you can specify the Media One to come with no onboard storage at all, this option adds £900 to the price, but by having no hard drives fitted allows Alluxity to improve DAC performance by fitting several improved modules. With the hard drives fitted there simply isn’t room to allow these upgraded modules to be included.The Media One has analogue outputs on both RCA and XLR connections. In terms of the onboard DAC there is a USB type B connection (for a Melco or Computer), RCA, AES and Optical inputs as well, so any other equipment you may have with suitable socketry can be connected to upgrade performance.

There is an Ethernet port and also a USB type A socket to allow an external hard drive to be connected. It is also possible to play Spotify, Tidal and Internet Radio, all you require is a MySqueezebox account and an account/subscription with the appropriate streaming service and you are good to go.

The DAC is a 32/384 design which is also fully compatible with DSD upto DSD256 so it’s quite happy with pretty much anything you can throw at it from a hi-res perspective.

Controlling the Media One couldn’t be simpler, Alluxity teamed up with ReQuest to develop the control engine for the Media One. ReQuest software is solid, stable and above all else it is fast. If you have a large library of music (couple of thousand albums plus) either on the Media One or on an external NAS you can scroll through the albums on the app as fast as you finger will let you scroll and the artwork loads instantly, no waiting around for what feels like an eternity like you do on a lot of other brands control points.

The 5 inch touchscreen comes into its own with the Media One, showing you what is currently playing, with artwork, track name etc, a progress bar. A sub-menu also gives you control over input-select, screen off and standby. If you have been looking at the various Alluxity images on my website you may have spotted that every Alluxity product has an Ethernet socket, by connecting each device to your network the ReQuest App will give you control over volume/input on the Integrated One and Pre One and standby control/set up over all products.

How does it sound?

This sounds like an incredible cliche, but it sounds almost analogue like in its presentation. It has beautiful tone and texture and is incredibly tuneful, it possesses real soul and character. It is certainly not short of detail or resolution but it is definitely more rounded and richer in presentation compared to some brands that are out there. Brand X may possess more detail in a short demo, but live with a for a while that that extra detail can quickly become irksome and listening fatigue kicks in after and an hour or so of listening. Not so with the Media One, its presentation is truly captivitating and once you’ve spent a bit of time with it, it gets under your skin. It really does something magical, but in a way that is not surprising, given Alexander’s pedigree and heritage!

The Media One will work brilliantly in a simple system with the Int One mk2 or the Pre One and Power One

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Additional information


2 x 1 TB 2.5 Inch Hard Drives

Digital Inputs

1 x SPDIF, 1 x AES/EBU (XLR), 1 x USB Type B, 1 x Toslink, 1 x Ethernet

Analogue Outputs

1 Pair RCA, 1 Pair XLR


Black, Satin White, Custom Finishes Available POA

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