Home Products Brands Melco Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter (Single-Mode)


Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter (Single-Mode)


Home Products Brands Melco Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter (Single-Mode)


Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter (Single-Mode)


  • Fibre Optical Media Converter
  • Single-Mode Kits
  • Can be used on any Network with Accessory Kit
  • Different PSU options

The Audio Therapy take...

Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter

Audiophile DOT are a company formed and owned by the UK and European distributor of Melco.

These kits were originally designed to allow Melco S100 owners to connect their routers/networks to their S100 via one of the SFP connections on the S100, this fibre optic connection dramatically lowers the noise on the network and as a result it improves sound quality, especially for those who stream music from services such as Qobuz and Tidal, plus users of Roon, the benefit of a fibre kit in this situation has taken a lot of customers by surprise.

The Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter and is designed to sit directly between your router and an S100 or S10, converting the copper ethernet from the router into fibre optic and interfacing into the S100 via one of the 2 SFP ports.

It’s small and very easy to accommodate/set up.

There are 3 versions of the Audiophile DOT available in Single Mode form, the converter itself is identical on 3 models but what is different is the PSU that powers them.

MC02 Single Mode (£499) – supplied with a MC01 Media Converter, 2 x ADOT SFP Single Mode Modules, 1 x 1.5m Single Mode fibre cable and a linear power supply

MC03 NP Single Mode (£849) – as above but is supplied with a Nu-Prime LPS205 Linear Power Supply

MC03 Plix Single Mode (£1075) – as above but is supplied with a Plixir Elite BDC 5V Power Supply 

Using the Media Converter between the router and an S100 or S10 to take advantage of the SFP connectivity on the S100 is a great upgrade. Streaming Qobuz and Tidal the sound quality take a nice step forward. The presentation becomes cleaner and quieter as no noise is transmitted from the converter to the S100 via the fibre cable. Streaming music via the Internet always sounds good, but it doesn’t begin to compete with music stored on the HDD of a Melco server. With the addition of one of these converters it has certainly closed the gap by a decent margin and in the overall context of a S100 it’s a relatively inexpensive addition. Roon as a service is great, but I’ve alway found it never sounds quite as good as playing the same files in other ways, but when you introduce a MC kit the performance does increase for sure.

These ADOT kits will work with any equipment that has an SFP input on it, from a Melco perspective in addition to the S100 there is the N1, N5 and the S10, as well as a few others.

However, the majority of people who stream music will not have an SFP connection in their system, so ADOT have allowed anyone to be able to use on these Media Converters with the use of 2 further add on kits –

MC Accessory Kit (£199) – this kit comprises of one extra MC01 Media Converter, a 1 metre Melco Ethernet Cable and a DC power splitter – this kit can be used with the bundles listed above and allows you to run Fibre Optic from the your router to you Streamer/Network Player/Switch

MC02 Single Mode Dual Kit (£625) – this kit contains 2 x MC01 Media Converters, 2 x SFP Modules, 1 x 1.5m Fibre Cable and a Linear Power Supply (which will power both Media Converters)

If you are looking at buying either an MC01 or MC02 and an accessory the MC02 Dual Kit is better value.

Please use the 2 drop down boxes above to select your requirements.

The standard length of fibre cable is 1.5 metre, longer lengths of Single Mode cables are available

3 Metre £30

5 Metre £40

8 Metre £65

10 Metre £75

20 Metre £95

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