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Audiophile DOT Fibre Optic Media Converter


  • Fibre Optical Media Converter
  • Perfect Upgrade for Melco S100 owners
  • Can be used on any Network with Accessory Kit
  • 4 Different PSU options
  • Home Demo Available


Audiophile DOT are a new company, formed by the the UK and European distributor of Melco.

Their first product is essentially a Fibre Optic Media Converter.

It’s a very clever piece of equipment, this Media Converter can be used with Melco S100, the Taiko SGM Extreme Server and the Lumin X1 (or any other network equipment with an SFP port). But, importantly with the addition of the Audiophile DOT Media Converter Accessory Kit it can be used by anyone, even if your equipment/network has no SFP connections. Please read on…….

The Melco S100 Data Switch has proved to be incredibly popular, more so than everyone anticipated given its price point. It’s a superb piece of equipment and whenever it is demonstrated it always goes down very well. The S100 is not just for owners of Melco servers either, it has proved just as popular with owners of other brands of equipment, like Naim and Linn. If you stream music over your network using Tidal or Qobuz  (or you are a Roon user) the addition of an S100 really improves performance and in a good system it’s much more than a subtle addition, it has frequently taken people by surprise.

The S100 has 4 Gigabit ethernet sockets and 4 100mb ethernet sockets to connect to your existing network and whatever sources you may have. But the S100 also features 2 SFP fibre optic ports which have simply gone unused, until now……..

The Audiophile DOT is an Ethernet to Fibre Optic Media Converter and is designed to sit directly between your router and an S100, converting the copper ethernet from the router into fibre optic and interfacing into the S100 via one of the 2 SFP ports.

It’s small and very easy to accommodate/set up.

There are 4 versions of the Audiophile DOT available, the converter itself is identical on 3 models but what is different is the PSU that powers them.

The entry level model is £359 (MC01) and comes with a basic DC power supply, the second model comes with a much better quality linear power supply and is £429 (MC02)

The original MC03 came with a Plixir Elementa PSU, but this kit has now made way for 2 different options.

There is a MC03 NP which comes with a Nu-Prime Power Supply and is £779.00 and then above that there is an even better version of the MC03, which is called the MC03 PLIX which comes with the Plixir Elite BDC 5V Power and this in £999.00

Each option comes with a 1.5m fibre cable, 2 plug in adapters and the converter itself.

Using the Media Converter between the router and an S100 to take advantage of the SPF connectivity on the S100 is a great upgrade. Streaming Qobuz and Tidal the sound quality take a nice step forward. The presentation becomes cleaner and quieter as no noise is transmitted from the converter to the S100 via the fibre cable. Streaming music via the Internet always sounds good, but it doesn’t begin to compete with music stored on the HDD of a Melco server. With the addition of one of these converters it has certainly closed the gap by a decent margin and in the overall context of a S100 it’s a relatively inexpensive addition. Roon as a service is great, but I’ve alway found it never sounds quite as good as playing the same files in other ways, but using it via the MC02 makes Roon sound as good as I’ve ever heard it.

Of course not everyone has an S100 and even fewer people have any equipment with SFP connections so you may be reading this thinking it’s a bit limited but using should you not have any SFP ports fear not! As mentioned above you can still take advantage of the benefits of fibre in your home network.

Audiophile DOT also produce something called an Accessory Kit which is available for £199.00. This kit comprises of another Media Converter, a 1m Melco C1AE Ethernet Cable and a splitter cable to enable you to power both Media Converters from one power supply. The fibre cable and SFP modules are not included in the accessory kit as they come in the primary kit.

Take an MC02 and connect it to your router via an ethernet cable, attach the SFP modules to both ends of the fibre cable, connect one end of the fibre cable to the first Media Converter and the other end of the fibre cable to the second Media Converter. You then connect an ethernet cable from the second Media Converter into your Switch or the device you want to use and you are up and running!

I have demo kits of the main Media Converter and the Accessory Kit available.

Additional information


MC01, MC02, MC03 NP, MC03 PLIX

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