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Entreq Apollo Infinity USB Cable


  • Reference Performance
  • Includes 0.55 Metre Ground Cable
  • Requires Ground Box
  • 1.1 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


The Apollo Infinity is the second from flagship USB cable (only the Atlantis is above it) and is priced at £1400 for a 1.1 metre length.

The latest version of the Apollo includes a 0.55 metre ground cable which is physically integrated into the cable. By hard wiring the ground cable into the DAC end of the USB cable results in  much better performance compared to the old method of a 3.5mm socket connected to a separate ground cable.

The previous version of this cable (without the ground cable attached) very popular and for good reason.  I can sum up what this cable did quite easily – simply awesome music, coherent, brilliant timing, ebb and flow, it is wonderfully engaging. This is one of those cables where I would plug it in for a customer to hear, we’d leave it for a couple of hours to settle and the customer would keep the cable. Pretty much every time it was demonstrated one was sold……and Entreq have gone and made it even better with this latest version!

It works really well connected to a Silver Minimus (be it an old Silver Minimus or the newer Infinity version), but step up to an Olympus Ten Ground Box and the performance take a huge jump up and this is easily demonstrable on a good system as well.

How does it work? A conventional USB cable will contain a shield, any noise or interference travels up and down this shield inside the cable. the delicate musical signal is carried along the conductors, the conductors that run next to the shield. In comparison the Entreq cable is completely unshielded, but the noise/interference that is  is drained away to the ground box. Due the nature of computers/laptops  they are inherently noisy using very inexpensive power supplies to keep costs down, but they inject noise right back where it’s not wanted.

If you make a comparison between a basic USB cable or even an expensive branded one, the differences are not subtle. The Entreq genuinely offers a great deal of performance for the money. More than you would expect given the price point. I would quite happily demo this against anything costing more money than the price of admission here.


Additional information


1.1 Metre

Ground Cables Included

Yes (0.55 Metre)

Ground Box Included


Free UK Shipping


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