Entreq Argo XLR Interconnect Cable (Ex-Demo)


  • Entreq Argo XLR Interconnect
  • Ex-Demonstration
  • New Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box Included
  • RRP £2600


Entreq Argo XLR Interconnect

This is my ex-demonstration cable, it is 1.1m length and is supplied in original packaging.

Excellent condition

All Argo products (except power cables) are supplied with a Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box (£600 when purchased separately), the one included with this cable is brand new.

At one end of the cable there are 2 hard wired drain wires (these are 0.55m long), these cables connect to the ground box which drains noise to the box away from the signal cable

The Argo replaced Konstantin in the previous line up which was Entreq’s first and original signal cable line.

As always with Entreq the presentation is natural and organic but never laid back, it incredibly detailed and engaging but is never strident or fatiguing.

Entreq cables always take a little while to settle down (usually a good 3 or 4 days), but the Argo sounds superb from the off and simply continues to improve as the noise is slowly drained away to the box, these cables never fail to take people by surprise, but the difference between first connecting and several days later is quite marked.

Entreq’s grounding technique on their signal cables is very clever and it ensures that they remove RFI and EMI from the cable and also from the equipment at either end of the cable.

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1.1 Metre

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