Entreq Argo Speaker Cable (1.65m pair)


  • Entreq Argo Speaker Cable
  • Ex-demonstration
  • 1.65m pair
  • Includes New Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box


Entreq Argo Loudspeaker Cable

This cable is my demonstration cable, excellent condition.

It is a short 1.65m pair – so ideal to use where your amplification is located directly between your loudspeakers.

At the amplifier end of each cable is a 0.7m long drain wire, these both connect to the supplied Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box – this connection drains noise (RFI/EMI) to the box and subsequently improves performance. The supplied ground box is brand new and is £600 to purchase separately.

The Entreq price list has a 2.2m pair listed as their shortest which is £3600 including the Silver Minimus Infinity – these have been priced appropriately given they are a little shorter.

In typical Entreq fashion there are no alloys used in the construction of Argo, it is a 3 way braided cable,  – all of this combined results in a superb speaker cable.

As always with Entreq the presentation is natural and organic but never laid back, incredibly detailed but never strident or fatiguing, when dynamics are required the Argo never fails to deliver. The presence of the ground box and the role it plays has a profound impact on performance, many raise an eyebrow at this concept, but the vast majority of people who experience it first hand know how good it can be.

Entreq cables always take a little while to settle down (usually 4 days), but the Argo sounds greatfrom the off and simply continues to improve as the noise is slowly drained away to the ground box. Entreq’s grounding technique on their speaker cables is very clever and it ensures that they remove RFI and EMI from the cable and also from the equipment at either end of the cable.

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