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Entreq Challenger 3V Infinity Speaker Cable


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  • Truly World Class Speaker Cable!
  • Includes 0.55m Ground Cables
  • Ground Box Required
  • Demo Lengths Available
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Just like the Interconnect the Challenger 3V Speaker Cable  has consistently proved itself to the be the most popular in the range. The Challenger is a big step ahead of the Konstantin, it has much more scale and weight and frankly paints a huge image. The Challenger 3V sounds scarily realistic, piano’s sound well, like piano’s – which is incredibly hard to do properly!

As with all Entreq Speaker Cables the negative conductor is made from Copper and the positive conductor is made from Silver.

The Challenger 3V Infinity Speaker Cables come with 0.55m ground cables hard wired into the amplifier end of the these cables. You simply need to add a ground box.

With the Challenger cables a single Silver Minims is the first ground box we would recommend. A pair of them would be even better. Many people start with a single box, then borrow a second to try at a later date. They rarely get returned!!!! The Olympus Ten is also a really good option for this as well.

If you would like to organise a home demonstaration please get in touch.

 Characteristics of Entreq Cable Design

1 Separate cable for positive and negative signals

2 Asymmetrical design

3 Positive and negative cables are spun clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.

4 Adapted lengths to minimise the antenna effect.

5 DIC Dedicated contacts so the area on the mass of the contact areas correspond to the cable area.

6 Wood in the contact framework. Non-magnetic and non-conductive.

7 Only pure copper or/and silver in the signal paths. No alloys,

8 Drain wire instead of shielding in order to connect to a pure earth point (External Earth Drain System)

9 Cotton covering instead of synthetic materials

10 EEDS External Earth Drain System
This entails the shielding / drain wire not being connected to the device’s negative pole, but is connected to another external earth point (a ground box!)

Please note: This is a special order item

Additional information

Cable Length

2.5 Metre Pair, 3.1 Metre Pair, 3.7 Metre Pair, 4.3 Metre Pair, 4.9 Metre Pair, 5.5 Metre Pair

Ground Box/Cables Included


Free UK Shipping


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