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Entreq Infinity AC Wrap


  • All wraps are priced per pair
  • Great upgrade on power cables
  • Ground Point on silver wraps
  • Free UK P&P


Infinity AC Wraps

In every cable that transports an alternating current a magnetic field is created. These fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in. Using AC Wraps around your power cables offers a calm stability to the sound, even when used with ‘free in the box’ power cables. If you are already using an after market power cable we are delighted to say that no matter the brand it will work better with an Infinity AC Wrap.

One interesting experiment, if you take an AC wrap and wrap it around a ‘free in the box’ power cable (it is designed to be wrapped around the power cable sitting flush against the back panel of the component) and listen to some music you know well, then remove the wrap and listen again. It won’t be long before the wrap is being used again. Even comparing a free power cable with a wrap vs an aftermarket power cable costing £400 to £500 is a very interesting experiment as well. Better still of course is the to a wrap on the better cable in the first place!!

In addition to power cables you can also try them on your speaker cables. You may get a bit of a shock!

Infinity Silver AC Wraps

Similar in overall structure and construction these wraps are a natural extension to the performance enhancements found in the standard  ACwraps. With particular attention given to the mineral mixture in the main pockets of the wraps themselves, as well as a dedicated ground point to further drain noise and field effects, these wraps offer an obvious and clear improvement in almost every application. Please be aware that an Ertha ground cable and ground box is required to obtain the optimal performance from this product.


Additional information

Ground Point

Infinity AC Wrap – No
Infinity Silver AC Wrap – Yes

Free UK Shipping


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