Entreq Infinity Apollo Interconnect Cable


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The Apollo Infinity is not for the faint of heart, absolute reference performance, it’s like Challenger, but better again, is only used in the best of the best systems to be fair! A customer of mine with a dCS Scarlatti Transport, DAC and Clock with a VTL TL6.5 Series II Pre-amp recently upgraded from a Konstantin XLR (non-Infinity) to a Apollo Infinity, using Apollo ground cables connected to a pair of Olympus Tens with Everest posts fitted.

The jump in sound quality,  the increase in the scale of the system, bass weight and attack and the level of texture and depth to the sound was really quite something to behold.

The Apollo does not come supplied with ground cables or  ground box.

In terms of ground cables a pair of Apollo’s choice to go for, but if you were to step up to a pair of Atlantis ground cables the overall performance will jump up a notch or 2

With the Apollo cables a single Olympus 10 is the first ground box we would recommend. A pair of them would be even better. Many people start with a single box, then borrow a second to try at a later date. They rarely get returned!!!! An Olympus Minimus is also a really good option for this as well. Even using 2 posts on a Poseidon is not over the top to get the very best out of this cable!

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