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Entreq Infinity Apollo RJ45 Cable


  • Massive Performance Upgrade for Streaming
  • 1.1 Metre Long with 0.55m Drain Wire
  • Ground Box Required
  • Free UK Shipping


Entreq make 5 different RJ45 interconnect cables, starting with the Primer Pro at £430 going up the flagship Olympus Infinity at £2000, the Apollo Infinity sits just below the Olympus Infinity.

The cable itself is 1.1 metre long and comes included with an integrated ground cable which is 0.55 metre.

You simply require a dedicated ground point (a Silver Minimus Infinity, Olympus Ten, Olympus Minimus or one of the posts on a Tellus II Infinity for example) to connect the drain wire to. It is not recommended to share this connection with anything else.

If you have a network audio player like a Naim, Linn or Lumin or a Melco which streams music from Tidal or Qobuz or pulls CD rips from a NAS drive on your network this cable should be at the top of your list of system upgrades. It can really elevate internet streaming into a serious propostion.

By allowing all of the noise, unwanted magnetic effects and high frequency effects to drain to the ground box you really allow the music to open and breath. If you want to hear Tidal or Qobuz streams outperform CD playback or even vinyl (!!!) try one or two of these cables in the appropriate place in your system. It really lifts a veil over the music, allowing you to hear more detail and information, but in typical Entreq fashion the presentation remains totally natural and hugely engaging with a much lower noise floor.

If you use Ethernet for audio in your system this cable will put a huge smile on your face!

Additional information

Cable Length

Signal Cable: 1.1 Metre, Ground Cable: 0.55 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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