Entreq Infinity Atlantis Interconnect Cable


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  • Probably the best Interconnect in the world!!
  • Ground Boxes/Cables Not Included
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The Atlantis Infinity represents the absolute state of the art as far as cable design and performance goes. The Atlantis really tells you how it is and it absolutely holds no prisoners, without a shadow of a doubt the best interconnect I have ever heard, but unless your system is absolutely world class it isn’t something I would particularly recommend! It’s all about keeping your system in balance and if you are in a position where you are considering purchasing a pair of these there are really no other contenders being brutally honest.

The Atlantis does not come supplied with ground cables or a ground box.

In terms of ground cables a pair of Atlantis is the obvious choice!

A pair of Olympus Ten or Olympus Minimus would be our recommendation. To be fair, given the cost of the Olympus Minimus, it would be more effective to simply buy a Poseidon and use the third post to ground something else!





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