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Entreq Infinity Challenger 3V Power Cable


  • World Class Performance
  • Includes Infinity Tube
  • 1.65 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


Entreq have always argued that the power cables are the most important part of the chain, after all if things go wrong here, you are simply fighting an up-hill battle.

Entreq manufacture all of their own connectors for all of their cables, except power cables. Every power cable in the range uses Furutech plugs and sockets and for good reason – they are the best in the world!

All Entreq power cables are designed with separate cables for the phase and neutral and with a mixed earth wire within the suitable area. Entreq also put great significance on the antenna effect, i.e., how many radio waves, magnetic fields etc. the cable receives and send into the device. In this case, material selection and  cable length are absolutely critical.

The Challenger 3V Infinity Power Cable is priced at £3300 for a 1.65 metre length, featuring as standard the superb Furutech plugs and sockets.

The non-Infinity 3V was £2100 and was without a doubt the best-selling power cable from that generation. Performance could comfortably be described as revelatory and a real game-changer. Most clients laughed at the prospect of a £2100 power cable, they thought I had gone mad. Then they had a listen…….I don’t recall doing a demo which didn’t result in someone buying one on the spot or putting it to the top of the list of things they were saving for.

In some systems adding just one of these power cables onto a component yielded a performance jump as significant as a changing a component – a selection of the brands this has been used on include Melco, Vitus, dCS, Devialet, Krell and Boulder to name but a few. It opens up the sound, lowers the noise floor and simply gives you more of everything, more scale, more dynamics.

When Entreq announced the price of the new Infinity Challenger 3V I gulped. Per-Olof had said that Challenger as their most popular range of cables was having the biggest number of improvements carried out to it hence the jump in price. The addition of the large Infnity tube which captures electromagnetic interference, newer Furutech plugs (the flagship Furutech NCF plugs/sockets can be fitted for an extra 10% – our demo model has this) and new construction techiques all added up!

Thankfully this new Infinity version does everything the original 3V did, but just gives you more of everything, a bigger soundstage, wider, taller and deeper with greater texture and insight into the recording. You think you know your favourite album inside out? Try one of the these on your amp or source and listen again!


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1.65 Metre

Ground Box/Cable Included


Free UK Shipping


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