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Entreq Infinity Challenger Interconnect Cable


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With the Infinity Challenger range of Interconnects and Speaker Cables the performance takes a bit of a jump up. When Entreq introduced the Infinity range it was the Challenger cables that had the biggest number of changes and improvements. Challenger had long been the biggest selling range of cables and in order for them to change them Entreq needed to pull out all of the stops and produce something really special with the Infinity version, as always they have exceeded all expectations!

The Challenger Infinity is probably the most neutral sounding cable I have ever heard, the closest thing to their being no cable present at all. It offers huge scale, massive dynamics and incredible bass response. It is utterly ruthless in its presentation and really only should be used between serious equipment otherwise it can show up any shortcomings!

Between a good DAC and Vitus amplifier it is devastatingly good, a real game-changer.

Entreq have recently made a change to some of the interconnect cables and this now comes included with 0.55m ground cables that are hard wired into the sending end of the interconnect.

A Ground Box is not included, with this cable a single Silver Minimus Infinity would be the starting point we would recommend, a single Olympus 10 would be better to fair, it will deliver a greater level of clarity, resolution and articulation over a Silver Minimus Infinity

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