Entreq K2


  • Brilliant Upgrade for any Ground Box
  • Ideal for forward and lively systems
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Entreq K2

The standard connections on the back of any of the Entreq Ground Boxes are simply wooden posts that hold the cable tightly in place, they offer no sonic purpose. The K2 & Everest posts were launched as an upgrade to the range of ground boxes, you simply replace the standard wooden post with either a K2 or Everest and away you go!

By adding a K2 or an Everest you simply allow the ground box to become much more efficient at removing pollutants and noise present in the signal path. This in turn lowers the noise floor even further, improving dynamics and increasing detail, everyone who has heard them comments on the level of micro-detail and subtle nuances in recordings they have never heard before.

Remember, it is not possible for the Entreq to add anything to the signal, it can only remove unwanted noise.

The K2 is manufactured from a combination of 2 different minerals, the Everest uses 4 different minerals.

Which one is right for you and your system really depends on the make-up of your system and how you find it tonally and how you want to improve the sound.

The K2 is the ideal choice if you have a system which is lively and forward in presentation. It makes the presentation warm, richer. more rounded and more engaging. Feedback from K2 owners generally states they can listen to their system for longer periods without needing a break. If you crave more transparency the Everest is the better choice.

Think of it as a similar philosophy to the range of ground cables, the results you get from the Argo ground cable is warmer and more rounded than you get with Apollo, which is much more transparent and open.

There is no snake oil or black magic at work here, just good old Scandinavian engineering, passion and a love of music.

All you need is a half decent system with a ground box, a pair of ears, some good music and the benefits of the K2 are pretty obvious to hear!

Noise is the enemy and Entreq can remove it, most people who have never heard Entreq don’t believe it until they have heard it. To those that have heard it, the Everest and K2 has raised the bar!

The K2 is available to purchase here

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28mm (Diameter) x 54mm (Length)

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