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Entreq Konstantin XLR Interconnect with Minimus Infinity + Ground Cables


  • Pre-owned Konstantin XLR & Silver Ground Cables
  • Package Includes Brand New Minimus Infinity
  • RRP £2720
  • Free UK P&P


We have for sale a pre-owned Entreq Konstantin XLR Interconnect Cable and a pair of 3.5mm Silver Ground Cables

I have also included with this a brand new Minimus Infinity Ground Box to make this a complete package ready to go.

The interconnect cable is 1.1m long and the 2 ground cables are 1.65m long. The ground cables connect to the XLR interconnect with the 3.5mm plugs/sockets as you can see in the images and the spade end of both ground cables connects to the single terminal on the Minimus Infinity.

The XLR interconnect was originally £1700, the Silver Ground Cables were £640 for a pair. The Minimus Infinity is £380.00 so collectively these bits combined to £2720 at their original original selling price.

The ground cables work perfectly but worth pointing out that due to being exposed to direct sunlight the black outer braiding is a little faded in places.

The Konstantin is a superb interconnect cable, if you value musicality, transparency and insight into your music this is a superb choice, it is also incredibly natural and refined, Entreq is never artifical, strident or aggressive sounding.

I have demonstrated all levels of Entreq interconnects against many other brands often costing considerably more money and Entreq performance always takes people by surprise. The finer detail and subtleties in recordings are quite often masked by the noise floor being too high in many system. With any Entreq cable the remit is to lower the noise floor and it’s a huge benefit to any system when you hear when it does.

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Interconnects & Ground Cables, Ground Box is new

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