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Entreq Macro Grounding Kit


  • All New Grounding Kit
  • 6 Termination Options
  • Free UK P&P


The Entreq Macro Grounding Kit is a bundle comprising of a Macro Ground Box and a Ground Cable

The Macro Kit is a package developed by Entreq and was released in the Autumn of 2021 – 12 months on from its release this kit as been very popular and has introduced Entreq to lots of new customers, plus many existing Entreq owners have added kits to their systems.

The Macro Box is loosely based around the Diskon Box which came supplied with a number of the Infinity Interconnects (like Discover & Konstantin from the previous generation), Entreq have refined this box internally to further improve its performance. The supplied ground cable is 1.65m long.

The Macro Ground Cable is available with a choice of termination options of RCA, XLR (both male and female), USB, RJ45 and Spade, so plenty of options for most users.

Connecting it up is very straightforward. Attach the hook end of the ground cable to terminal on the back of the ground box and the other end simply connects to an unused socket on your amplifier, router, streamer, CD player, DAC etc. This connection drains away noise and pollutants to the box, dropping the noise floor and improving performance.

I get asked frequently by customers where the best place in their system to install a Macro kit and the honest answer is it varies from system to system.

In one system a customer may get great results from connecting to a DAC and in another system the best results may come from connecting to an integrated amplifier.

That said, for those customers who stream music from Tidal / Qobuz or Roon users there is a consistent benefit from connecting a Macro kit to an spare socket on your router.

For those customers with lower value systems Entreq also have their entry level grounding bundle, called the Micro Kit

Simply select the termination option you require from the drop down box

Available from stock

Additional information

Termination Type

RCA, XLR (Male), XLR (Female), USB, RJ45, Spade to Spade

Cable Length

1.65 metre

Free UK Shipping


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