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Entreq Minimus Infinity Ground Box

£380.00 £350.00

  • Entry Level Infinity Ground Box
  • Single Point Ground Connection
  • Great Upgrade to your System
  • Free UK Shipping


The brand new Entreq Minimus Infinity Ground Box is available now and is the same physical size as the original Minimus Ground Box, but it has much greater capacity to effectively ground components in your system.

With the old Minimus it was always best with just 1 item connected to it, although connecting 2 wasn’t too much of an issue in most cases. With the new Minimus Infinity connecting 2 items (or even 3) is absolutely no problem at all.  As always with the Entreq ground boxes, the less you give them to do the more effective they are, but they certainly have much greater capacity compared to before. Analogue and digital grounds are best kept on separate ground boxes

In performance terms the Minimus Infinity is better than the original Silver Minimus.

The Entreq range of ground boxes are designed to remove noise and pollutants present in the signal path. By removing these unwanted pollutants we lower the noise floor and subsequently improve the performance of the connected product. This improves dynamics, detail retrieval whilst remaining natural and organic in presentation.

In reality you can connect anything in your system to a ground box – integrated amp, phono stage, dac, streamer, router, network switch.

You still have the option on the Minimus Infinity to further improve performance by adding a K2 or Everest Binding Post. All customers who have added an Everest to their ground boxes have passed comment at how effective they are.

Check out the range of Entreq Infinity Ground Cables

If you have an original Minimus you would like to part exchange for the new Minimus Infinity please get in touch and we can work out a cost to change.


Additional information



Ground Point



80mm x 170mm x 190mm

Free UK Shipping


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