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Entreq Minimus Infinity Ground Box


  • Entry Level Infinity Ground Box
  • Single Point Ground Connection
  • Great Upgrade to your System
  • Available from stock
  • Free UK Shipping


The brand new Entreq Minimus Infinity Ground Box is the same physical size as the original Minimus and Silver Minimus Ground Boxes, but this new version has greater capacity to effectively ground components in your system.

The ground boxes are designed to remove polluants and noise that are present in the signal path. By removing this unwanted noise the noise floor drops, you get an increase in detail, dynamics, better timing and flow of the music. The presentation with Entreq is all about being natural and refined.
To connect a ground box to your audio system couldn’t be easier. You simply connect a ground cable to an appropriate unused socket on your amplifier, CD player, DAC etc and the other end of the cable connects to the outlet on the ground box via a simple spade connector.
This connection creates, in effect, a drain for each piece of connected equipment and it slowly removes the pollutants present in the signal path. It is quite often something you will hear straight away but more often that not you will notice changes after a few songs you know well have played. Best results are typically 24 hours after being connected.

In reality you can connect anything in your system to a ground box, integrated amp, phono stage, dac, streamer, router, network switch.

Infinity Ground Cables

There is an extensive range of ground cables available, they all have their place in the right system and on the right component, the different cables will deliver quite different results depending on the system and what are you looking for, some of the differences are not subtle. Copper, Konstantin and Challenger are the most obvious choices to go with a Minimus Infinity.

If you have an original Minimus you would like to part exchange for the new Minimus Infinity please get in touch and we can work out a cost to change.


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Ground Point



80mm x 170mm x 190mm

Free UK Shipping


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