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Entreq Oasis DC Power Supply


  • Entreq Oasis DC Power Supply
  • Available in 2 versions
  • 12v-20v
  • Offers a trememdous upgrade over standard DC supplies
  • Free UK P&P


Entreq launched the original Oasis Power supply mid way through 2019. It flew under the radar a bit if I’m honest, I never got around to talking about it on my site. It was reasonably popular to be fair and I took one around to a decent selection of customers I deal with locally who could utlilise one in their system.

Essentially the Oasis designed to replace the ‘free in the box’ DC power supply you see bundled with plenty of equipment these days, examples include the Exogal Comet DAC, Melco N100, Melco S100, Roon Nucleus, Intel NUC, some of Chord Electronic’s smaller items, routers, switches the list goes on and on.

If you have good system and you strream Tidal or Qobuz putting an Oasis on your router was a great jump in performance, not a subtle upgrade at all.  The same with Roon, if you own a Nucleus or you use an Intel NUC to run Roon Core using an Oasis instead of the supplied 19V supply results in quite a jump. A unrelated manufacturer was visiting me last year when I had the original Oasis running on a Roon Nucleus and I played him a few songs via Roon with and without the Oasis in the system to show him and he was incredibly impressed with the impact it made, Per-Olof has hinted this new version is even better.

The Oasis can power anything that ranges between 12V and 20V via its hard wired DC cable. As you can see looking at the image on the rear panel there is also a 5V output. If the device you wish to power is 5V you have 2 choices – you can either purchase an extra DC cable that connects to this output, or if done at the time of order Entreq will make the hard wired output 5V and put the socket on the 12V-20V connection instead.

It can also run as a battery power supply, giving around 6-8 hours of use depending on the current draw of the connected component. I leave the mains power connected all the time and simply power off the Oasis on the switch on the underside to put it into battery mode for serious listening – it’s another littke uplift in perfformance.

From a sonic perspective by adding an Oasis to any suitable device you are effectively supplying the connected item with clean, regulated power and the Oasis removes a huge layer of unwanted digital noise.  It does that brilliant Entreq thing of simply letting you hear more of what is going on in the music, it makes the presentation more natural and more musical and really effortless. Simply put, the DC supplies that are included with the vast majority of equipment are made by the cheapest bidder and simply need to work – replace it and get more from your music.

There 2 versions of the Oasis available –

Oasis Primer Pro (£700) – This an Oasis with a Primer Pro DC Cable and a Primer Pro Ground Box

Oasis Apollo (£1250) – This is an Oasis with a Apollo DC Cable, but it does not include a ground box – a Minimus Infinity or Silver Minimus Infinity are ideal depending on the budget/system – essentially the better the box the better the performance.

The 2 models of Oasis are identical in terms of appearance/power supply/battery/performance – the difference between is simply down to the grade of DC cable being used.

The Primer Pro will be be the most popular given it’s price, but the Apollo version is a good bit better to be fair. Both versions come with a large selection of adapters as plug socket sizes can vary on different equipmemt.

The Primer Pro Ground Box that is supplied with the Primer Pro version is to connect to the hard wired ground cable on the DC cable, but if you use the ground terminal on the Oasis to connect to another ground box (using a spade/spade groudn cable) – you get another jump in performance, to be fair most customers with the original Oasis didn’t do this immediately, it serves as a future upgrade for them when they are ready, but it’s a fairly obvious upgrade when you try it.

A Minimus Infinity or Silver Minimus Infinity is perfect for this.


Additional information


Primer Pro, Apollo


12V to 20V

Battery Life

6 to 8 hours, this will vary depending on the connected item

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