Entreq Primer Infinity RJ45 Ethernet Cable


  • Entreq Primer Infinity Ethernet Cable
  • 1.1m long
  • Includes Primer Infinity Ground Box
  • Price incluedes UK P&P
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The Entreq Primer Infinity RJ45 Ethernet Cable is the next step up the range above the popular Primer Pro

They come as standard in a 1.1m length, if you require a longer length every increment of 55cm costs £60, so a 2.75m long cable would cost £820.

Primer Infinity comes with a 0.55m hard wired ground cable and a Primer Infinity Ground Box so you get everything you need included in the box.

The Primer Infinity Box may look identical to the Primer Box but internally they are actually quite different, the Infinity Box can pull away more noise than the standard Primer Box and it complements the cable very well and offers a nice step up in performance over Primer Pro.


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