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Entreq Primer Infinity Speaker Cable



The Primer Infinity is a brand new speaker cable from Entreq, launched in December 2021

It is a completely new design and the cable is constructed in a 3 way braid.

The Primer Infinity replaces what was Discover Infinity in the previous range, it’s a quite a dramatic uplift in performance as well.

Primer Infinity speaker cable comes included with captive drain wires (0.55m) and a Primer Ground Box, so everything required is included.

All new conductors and drain wires and in typical Entreq fashion there are no alloys used in its construction, plenty of wood and cotton braiding (which is non synthetic) – all of this combined results in an hugely dark cable, it’s so quiet and the background is eerily black is actually quite unnerving when you hear it. As always with Entreq the presentation is natural but never laid back, incredibly detailed but never strident or fatiguing. It is a truly magnificent sounding cable

Entreq cables always take a little while to settle down (usually a good 24-48 hours), but fresh out of the box the Primer Infinity sounds superb.

Entreq’s grounding technique on their speaker cables is very clever and it ensures that they remove RFI and EMI from the cable and also from the equipment at either end of the cable.

All Entreq speaker cable is by default terminated spade to spade, but 4mm plugs can be specified.

They start at a 2.5 metre pair (£1600) and go up from this length in 0.6 metre increments (which are £160)

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2.5m, 3.1m, 3.7m, 4.3m, 4.9m, 5.5m