Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar


  • Primer Power Block
  • 4 Outlets
  • Wired with 1.65m of Primer Pro Power Cable
  • Ground Cable included ready for Primer Box (not inc.)
  • Free UK Shipping


The Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar is one of their very latest additions to the Entreq Primer range. Priced at £1150.00 it offers a 4 way mains distribution block and comes with a captive Primer Pro Power Cable which is 1.65m. You also get a captive ground cable hard wired into the cable which is designed to connect to a Primer Ground Box (not included).

The thinking behind not including a Primer Box with this is simple, most people using the Primer Pro Power Bar will also be using a Primer Pro Power Cable on one of their components – the Primer Box has 2 sockets on it, so you can connect the Power Bar to the spare socket.

As with all the Primer products performance for the money is excellent. In typical Entreq fashion it delivers a sense of calm and ease to the sound and simply allows it breath more easily. When you connect the ground cable up to a Primer Box it simply acts as a really nice upgrade, lower noise = greater detail and insight into the music.

Internally the 4 sockets are wired using Primer Pro Power Cable


Additional information

Number of Outlets


Power Cable Included


Free UK Shipping


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