Entreq Primer Pro Power Cable


  • High Current Version of Standard Primer Power Cable
  • 1.65 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


Please note: The Entreq Primer Pro Power Cable now comes included with a Primer Ground Box for even better performance with no increase in cost!

Entreq’s entry level range of cables, the Primer is expanding with the release of the Primer Pro Power Cable. Standard length is 1.65m.

The Primer Pro is an Infinity inspired version of the standard Primer Power Cable – it offers slightly higher current handling ability – so you intend to put a Primer Power Cable on a good integrated amp or power amp, the Pro is the more sensible choice. The standard Primer is great on Phono Stages, Melco Music Servers, DACs.

It is terminated with a Furutech 1363 (Gold) UK mains plug and a Furutech FI-11 IEC socket.

Performance is outstanding, absolutely typical Entreq, it sounds natural and organic, never forced or artificial in presentation. It opens up the soundstage beautifully pulling out finer nuances in recordings. Upgrade to this from a free in the box power cable the improvement in system performance was frankly out of this world. Even going from a good aftermarket power cable costing as much as the Primer it still offered an improvement to performance. More open and transparent, the other sounded heavy and ponderous in comparison. The Entreq wasn’t brighter was simply more fleet of foot.

Additional information

Standard Length

1.65 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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