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Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity Ground Box


  • Brand New Tellus 2 Infinity
  • 3 Independant Ground Posts in one box
  • 2 x Silver Minimus Infinity & 1 x Olympus Ten
  • Incredible flexibility for improving your system


Entreq announced in early October 2019 the new version of the popular Tellus 2 Ground Box, the Tellus 2 Infinity. We ordered up our demo unit within 5 minutes of getting the email from Sweden and our demonstration Tellus 2 Infinity is now here.

The Entreq range of ground boxes are designed to remove noise and pollutants present in the signal path. By removing these unwanted pollutants we lower the noise floor and subsequently improve the performance of the connected product. This improves dynamics, detail retrieval whilst remaining natural and organic in presentation.

The Tellus 2 was an incredibly flexible groound box, It had 3 posts on all of which were completed isolated from one another. Meaning you can do so much more with it. The 2 outside ground posts are Silver Minimus and the centre post is a Silver Minimus with an Atlantis Minimus integrated into it (think of it as a turbo charged Silver Minimus).

The new Tellus 2 Infinity follows the same concept, there are still 3 posts and there are all independent to one other, but on this version the 2 outside posts are Silver Minimus Infinity and the centre post is a single Olympus Ten!

There is no doubt the Tellus 2 Infinity will offer superb value for money. The Silver Minimus Infinity are £600 each and the Olympus Ten are £1100 so to buy these 3 boxes separately would cost £2300, for £1800 in one box the level of performance you will get the money is quite startling, all posts over a significant upgrade over the original Tellus 2.

By having all 3 ground posts independent from one another means you could take an integrated amplifier and ground the negative speaker outputs on the 2 outside posts and ground the input of amplifier on the centre post. If you have a pre-power combination you could also ground this way. I have one customer with an original Tellus 2 who uses it to ground his Melco, DAC and Entreq USB interconnect cable, another whose uses it to ground the negative outputs of his power amps and his phono stage.

The applications for this in systems are almost limitless. In reality there are so many options it hinges on what is in the system to ground plus your imagination! It is best to think of a Tellus 2 Infinity as a baby Poseidon!

If you like the idea of a Tellus 2 Infinity but are are unsure how to use it to get the best out of it and your system please get in touch

Don’t forget if you want to further upgrade the performance you can always replace the standard wooden binding posts on the back of a Tellus II with either an Everest or K2 binding post and you will dramatically improve its performance – home loan of Everest/K2 is available.

Plenty of great offers available on ex-demo and pre-owned ground cables here

Additional information


15 kg

Ground Point

3 (independant)


140mm x 430mm x 310mm

Free UK Mainland Shipping


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