Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box


  • 2 x Silver Minimus Infinity & 1 Olympus Ten in one box!
  • Brilliant Performance & Flexibility
  • Great value for money


Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box


The Tellus II Infinity has proven to be one of the most popular Entreq Ground Boxes, it offers brilliant flexibility and great value for money when you break down what you get.

The Entreq range of ground boxes are designed to remove noise and pollutants present in the signal path. By removing these unwanted pollutants we lower the noise floor and subsequently improve the performance of the connected product. This improves dynamics, detail retrieval whilst remaining natural and organic in presentation.

The original Tellus II had 3 posts as well, the 2 outside ground posts on the original Tellus 2 were Silver Minimus and the centre post was a Silver Minimus with an Atlantis Minimus integrated into it (think of it as a turbo charged Silver Minimus).

The current Tellus II Infinity follows the same concept, there are still 3 posts and there are all independent to one other, but on this version the 2 outside posts are Silver Minimus Infinity and the centre post an original Olympus Ten (not a Tungsten) so it’s a serious step up over the original version.

The Tellus II Infinity offers great value for money when you look at what you get,  the Silver Minimus Infinity are £600 each and the Olympus Ten are £1100 so to buy these 3 boxes separately would cost £2300, so to get them in one box for £2000 is great great value. By having all 3 ground posts completely independent from one another means you could take an integrated amplifier and connect the negative speaker outputs to the 2 outside posts and ground the input of amplifier on the centre post.

Some example configurations I have used with the Tellus II Infinity include connecting to a Vitus RI-101 on negative speaker outputs and connecting to an unused input as well. Also connecting to Melco N1ZH, S100 and Router. Another customer uses 1 post on a Linn Streamer, Linn Pre-amp and his Melco.

The applications for the Tellus 2 Infinity are almost limitless, it really hinges on what you have in your system, I like to think of it as a baby brother to the Poseidon

If you like the idea of a Tellus II Infinity but are are unsure how to use it to get the best out of it in your system please get in touch

Additional information


15 kg

Ground Point

3 (independant)


140mm x 430mm x 310mm

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