Entreq Triton Interconnect Cable


  • Entreq Triton Analogue Interconnect
  • Olympus Ten Tungsten Ground Box Included
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Entreq Triton Interconnect Cable

The Triton is a brand new Interconnect from Entreq in December 2021

It is a completely new design from Entreq and the cable is constructed in a 4 way braid, available in both RCA and XLR termination, standard length is 1.1m

The Triton effectively replaces what was the Challenger and the Apollo, in terms of price point it pretty much sits directly between the 2 outgoing cables but it thankfully outperforms them both. It comes included with captive drain wires and an Olympus Ten Tungsten Ground Box (worth £1400 on its own), so everything required is included.

All new conductors and drain wires, new XLR connectors and in typical Entreq fashion there are no alloys used in its construction, plenty of wood and cotton braiding (which is non synthetic) – all of this combined results in an hugely dark sounding cable,  the background is eerily quiet and black and it is actually quite unnerving when you experience it for the first time. As always with Entreq the presentation is very organic and natural but never laid back, you get huge level of resolution with brilliant detail but it is never artificial, strident or fatiguing. Triton will not push or pull the presentation in any particular way and just let you hear into the music.

Entreq cables always take a little while to settle down (usually a good 24-48 hours), but the Triton sounds superb from the off and simply continues to improve as the noise is slowly drained away to the box over the first few days of being connected.

If you have a good system Triton will simply allow you to hear your components perform to their very best, not held back in any way.

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