Entreq Infinity Discover Interconnect Cable


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  • Entry Level Infinity Interconnect
  • Includes 0.55 Metre Ground Cables
  • Includes Diskon Ground Box
  • Special Order Item
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Available in both RCA and XLR Termination the Discover Infinity, is a brilliant cable and comfortably outperforms the previous incarnation of the Discover.

It’s incredibly natural, musical and engaging in performance. Works well in a variety of systems, especially those that maybe a bit aggressive/forward in character.

Although this is Entreq’s “entry level” Infinity interconnect please don’t underestimate its ability! It is more natural and coherent sounding than some other brands much bigger models and offers a serious slice of true high end performance.

Entreq have recently made a change to some of the interconnect cables and this now comes included with 0.55m ground cables that are hard wired into the sending end of the interconnect, they have also included a Ground Box, which is called the Diskon box, this is a little smaller in size than a Silver Minimus Infinity, but is larger than a Primer Box.

Simply put it means you have everything you need in box to get up and running!

This certainly helps cut through the many options that are available within the Entreq range and makes choice less confusing. It’s great in performance terms but that’s not to say you won’t get more performance by adding a larger, more capable ground box in the future when budget permits.

A single Silver Minimus Infinity is a great step up over the Diskon Box with these Interconnect cables. There is no issue grounding both cables on one box, although I must stress you will get a nice performance upgrade if you use a pair of ground boxes, one for each channel.

Please note: This is a special order item

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Termination Type


Ground Cables Included

Yes (0.55 Metre Long)

Ground Box Included


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