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Exogal Ion PowerDAC


  • Power Amp/Processing Extension to Comet DAC
  • 125 Watts Per Channel
  • Compact Footprint
  • Stunning Performance
  • Part Exchange Available


The Exogal Ion PowerDAC is the perfect companion to go with the Comet Plus DAC, the Ion is a power amplifier but also a significant extension to the processing ability of the Comet.

The Ion can only be used with the Comet or Comet Plus, it only has one input, which is a proprietary Exogal connection called Exonet – it may look like an HDMI connector but what this connection does is very different! If you look at the business end of the Comet you will see it has an Exonet output alongside the conventional RCA and XLR analogue outputs.

Exogal refer to the Ion as a PowerDAC and not a power amplifier, which is important.

The partnering Exogal Comet is a conventional DAC, albeit one that does not use off-the-shelf DAC chips or FPGA implentation, but instead they have a custom processor running extensive calculus and algorithms. When the Comet is connected via RCA or XLR all of required processing in done inside the Comet itself, but when you connect the Comet to the Ion via the Exonet connection the processing inside the Comet changes and the Ion assists in sharing the ‘digital load’.

The PowerDAC is a digital amplifier, but it is not a traditional Class D digital design, nor does it implement PWM in the way it operates. It has been designed to accurate control analogue power, but in the digital domain. The signal remains in the digital domain until it reaches the loudspeaker outputs.

HyperDrive Upgrade

Earlier this year Exogal released an upgrade for the Ion called the Hyperdrive. This upgrade is a worthwhile step forward in performance, essentially it gives the Ion an approximate 10% increase in power, and allows it to run more efficiently, closer to the guard-rails but without compromising performance or speaker protection!

It delivers 125 watts per channel into 8ohms and will happily drive a pair of Avalon or Vimberg speakers all day long.

The performance is effortlessly musicsal, endlessly detailed but never forward or artificial, there is an incredible sense of weight and resolution.

If you already have a Comet paired with another amplifier it will sound great (they always do!), but combining the Exogal pair together unlocks more from the Comet as well!

POWER OUTPUT: 125W 8 ohms per channel, 150 watts peak power
MINIMUM LOAD: 2 ohms per channel
PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT: 10 amperes per channel
THD: 0.03% THD @ 1W @ all frequencies into 4 ohms
OUTPUT NOISE: 170uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
VOLTAGE GAIN: NA, Digital Input
DAMPING FACTOR: > 30 into 1 ohms, >100 into 4 ohms
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE @ 100Hz: < 0.03 ohms
DYNAMIC RANGE: >105dB, A-weighted
INPUT CONNECTION: EXONET, proprietary digital interface
OUTPUT CONNECTION: 3-way Binding Post (Bare Wire, Banana Jack, Lug)
OPERATING POWER: 800 W Max, Typical 50W
OPERATING VOLTAGES: Universal , 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
SIZE: 1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (47.6 x 190 x 292 mm)
WEIGHT: 9 lbs, 4.08 kg



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