Gold Note Pianosa Turntable


  • Mid-range Gold Note Turntable
  • Includes 9 inch Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm
  • Can be upgraded with PST-10 Power Supply
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Gold Note Pianosa Turntable

The Pianosa is one of Gold Note’s mid-range turntables. It comes included with the Gold Note B-5.1 tonearm which is a standard 9 inch design and sells for £900 on its own.

With incredible performance and beautiful Italian design the Pianosa is a serious deck that can integrate into a serious system. You simply need to add a suitable cartridge and phono stage and you ready to go. Proudly made in Italy. You can further improve on the performance of the Pianosa by adding a PST-10 Power Supply

To quote the Hi-Fi Plus review “It is an elegant design with a similarly elegant sound, and it has seductive looks. Add to that the simplicity of set-up and this is a turntable that should get lots of attention. It’s easy to use, easy to live with, and easy to love.”

From Gold Note……

The Pianosa, the latest creation of our Italian Turntables Series, just like the Mediterraneo and the Giglio, offers a unique combination of high-quality materials and refined technical solutions to achieve the purest audio execution. The passion we put in all our products defines every effort made to design every single detail with the greatest care and attention to improve the turntable’s performance.

The Pianosa follows the sonic philosophy experimented with the premium models, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge we developed working on innovative shapes and quality materials. The result is a perfect blend of tradition and technology providing the best musical experience ever.

The “catenary” curved plinth, made of Italian walnut hardwood or lacquered MDF, is handcrafted by the best Italian wood- maker artisans who carefully treat every single piece of selected wood, shaping the core of the turntable. The wooden plinth is coupled with a 20mm thick MDF plinth and reinforced with a 3mm stainless steel plate to provide incredible rigidity. The result is an audio performance that exceeds any expectations and admirably copes with much more expensive turntables.

The electronics that control the power driving the 12V synchronous motor come directly from our flagship models that we tuned for the specific materials chosen for the Pianosa. It results in a zero vibrations device and an improved torque delivering the greatest dynamic and the finest detail.

The Pianosa features our high-precision platter bearing/spindle design with the lowest coupling tolerance available. The rectified spindle is made of hardened chromed steel and it precisely matches the chromed ball bearing, reaching the perfect low noise rotational consistency.

The Pianosa bundle includes the Gold Note B-5.1 tonearm and a custom made transparent dust-cover with detachable hinges for easy removal.

The Pianosa turntable lets you bring a piece of Italy at home naturally becoming the desirable center piece of your High-End audio system.

Wow & Flutter 0,1%
Rumble -77dB
Speed 33⅓rpm and 45rpm ±0,1%
Speed Changing electronic with fine pitch control
Transmission 70 shores rectified NBR belt
Motor 12 Volt High Torque synchronous
Platter 23mm Dampened Poly-Vinyl
Platter Spindle Split-Spindle™ clamping design
Platter Bearing Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing
Tonearm Gold Note B-5.1 (or opt. B-7 Ceramic)
Dust Cover transparent with hinges
Power Power supply: 18V output
Power consumption: max 20W
100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 425mm W 200mm H 360mm D
Weight 13.5Kg net
18Kg boxed
Finishes Lower Plinth: Italian Walnut or Black Lacquered MDF
Upper Plinth: Black Lacquered MDF
Metal Parts: Black anodized aluminium (opt. Silver)
Platter: Black
Upgrade PST-10 external inductive power supply for turntables
B-7 Ceramic tonearm

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Italian Walnut Hardwood, Black Lacquer, White Lacquer

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