//Melco E100 Expansion Drive

Melco E100 Expansion Drive


  • Buy with confidence from a Melco Master Dealer
  • Audiophile 3TB Expansion Drive
  • No loss in performance compared to IT drive
  • Available in black & silver
  • Free UK P&P


The E100 is an audiophile 3TB expansion drive. The reason behind this new addition to the Melco range is quite simple. All of the Melco models have a USB expansion port, so should you fill the internal storage up you can easily expand it by connecting a hard drive to the expansion port. Unfortunately, there was a downside to using any old IT USB drive – it never sounded as good as music stored on the Melco itself.

The E100 was designed from the ground up as a solution to this issue.  The drive is a carefully selected 3TB hard drive, this drive is physically supported internally using the MELCO Highly Stable Storage System (HS-S2), the same as found in the N1ZS/2A.

It uses the same high quality case as the D100 using a 2mm thick aluminium under chassis and weighs in at a healthy 3.6kg.

Unless you have a particularly large music library the hard drives in an N1A or N1ZH are unlikely to fill up but if you have an N1ZS with SSD drives (mk1 or mk2) filling the  internal drives up is quite feasible – the E100 is the ideal solution with zero compromise in performance.

Additional information

Dimensions (WxHxD)

215 x 61 x 269 mm


3.6 Kg

Storage Capacity

3 Terabytes (Unformatted)

Free UK Mainland Shipping



2 years parts and labour (3 years if registered)

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