Melco D100 Optical Disc Drive


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  • Audiophile CD Disc Drive
  • Archival CD Quality import into N1
  • Use as CD Player when Melco Player is connected to USB DAC
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The Melco D100 Optical Disc Drive can be used in a variety of ways.

First off, it can be connected to the USB 3 port on a Melco Digital Music Library and can be used for high precision CD ripping and if your Melco is connected to a USB-DAC you can use the D100 as a high end CD player as well.

Comparing the quality of a rip done on the D100 to the same CD ripped on a conventional IT peripheral drive (even Buffalo’s own connected to a Melco) is quite a revelation. On the face of it the D100 shouldn’t make a difference (0’s and 1’s and all that) unfortunately the reality of it is quite different. The better someone’s system is in terms of being transparent and revealing the bigger the difference the D100 will make.

Likewise using the D100 as a CD transport – this combination is likely to embarrass some well regarded CD players.

The D100 is a heavily optimised CD mechanism, using a custom made PCB which has been optimised from an audiophile point of view (better capacitors and high quality clock generator) to promise the highest quality transport and ripping of CD’s into the Melco Music Library.

It can be turned off with the dedicated power switch and the case is designed using the same concept as most recent Melco half width products, weighing in a 3.5kg build quality is excellent. It has a 2mm thick under chassis supports the whole case with great rigidity.

Its beautifully designed thick aluminum case is half of the size of the N1A so won’t take up too much space.

Just about every enquiry I have ever received on the D100 starts with sceptism over how it can sound any better or different to any other drive and subsequently every customer who has bought a D100 has had their expectations exceeded by what it capable of doing!

If you don’t own a Melco don’t worry you can connect a D100 to a PC or Mac to take advantage of the D100’s precision ripping – so if you have UPnP streamer like a Naim, Linn, Lumin etc and a conventional NAS drive – the D100 will act as a significant upgrade for ripping discs when connected to a computer using dbpoweramp or EAC

Additional information


Silver, Black


215 x 61 x 269 mm


3.6 Kg


2 years parts and labour (3 years if registered)

Free UK Mainland Shipping


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