Melco N10/2 Digital Music Library


  • 3TB Storage
  • Roon Endpoint
  • Home Demonstration Available
  • Part Exchange Welcome


All new February 2022 Melco have updated the original N10 to an all new mk2 version.

They have carried out some refinements to further enhance performance over the original N10, as well as offering 2 storage options.

The N10/2 is available with a single 2.5 inch 5TB HDD for £7299 or with a single 3.84TB SDD for £9399

The main head unit contains the hard drive, main board, all signal processing and connectivity, while the separate linear power supply is totally isolated from the head unit.

The N10/2 is a certified Roon Endpoint

There are 2 ways you can connect an N10/2 to your system, via a dedicated USB 2.0 port to connect to a USB-DAC or if you are using a UPnP Network player like a Naim or Linn there is a dedicated ethernet port called the ‘Player Port’ as well which isolates your Network Player from the network to help optimise performance.

It is easy to control the Melco via a number of control apps (depending on your connection method) and with Minimserver 2 and SongKong onboard it is very easy to optimise your music library so it easy to browse with fully correct and consistent meta data.

You can easily archive your CD collection onto the Melco’s hard drives by simply connecting a CD optical drive (like Melco’s own D100) to one of the rear panel USB ports. A typical CD takes around 7-8 minutes to ‘rip’. If you are Melco is connected to a USB-DAC you also have the option to play CD’s as well.

If you have music stored on a USB drive you can easily import this onto the Melco by connecting it to one of the USB sockets and simply selecting import. Music can also be transferred to the Melco HDD over the network.

Also, if you have an account with High-Res Audio or Qobuz you can enter your username/password into the Melco and any purchases you make automatically download to the Melco – nice and easy, no computer required!

If connected to a USB DAC you also have the option to stream Tidal and Qobuz and Internet Radio (via the Melco App)

The N10 sits right in-between the N1ZH EX and N1ZS EX and sonically is a little different to the classic N1 machines. The N1 models major on refinement and transparency, the N10 is tonally a little more open and detailed sounding. It still retains that wonderful Melco trait of sounding totally natural and engaging, but it is a little different and the N10 certainly has its place in the right system. Comparing the side by side in a good system the differences are easily apparent, whether this translates to a better machine for you depends on your system and tastes essentially.

Melco N10 @ Audio Therapy

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Silver, Black


Head Unit 3Kg, Power Supply 5Kg


Head unit 215x61x269 mm, Power supply unit 215x61x273 mm


2 Years Parts & Labour (3 Years if Registered)

Free UK Shipping


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