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Metronome Le DAC 2

As the name would suggest Le DAC 2 is a standalone digital to analogue converter.

There are 5 digital inputs on Le DAC 2 so it has plenty of flexibility if you have multiple digital sources

USB-B, I2S (this uses HDMI as a connection but it not compatible with HDMI video devices), RCA SPDIF x 1, AES-EBU x 1 and Optical Toslink x 1

The USB-B and I2S inputs support playback of all files up to 32 bit / 384kHz and DSD files up to and including DSD 512, the other digital inputs support up to 24 bit /192 kHz

In terms of analogue outputs Le DAC 2 has a pair of single ended RCA outputs plus a pair of balanced XLR outputs.

As with the other Metronome Classica components such as Le Player 4+ and the Transport version, Le DAC 2 is beautifully designed and incredibly well screwed together, weighing it at 12kg it is a substantial product, with 2 toroidal transformers and 6 independent supplies. No noisy switch mode power supplies here!

The front panel display is large  and easy to read and it shows you the selected input and sample rate of whatever music is playing, there are 2 touch sensitive buttons on the front panel that allow you to change the input.

It comes with 3 feet as standard out of the box, but also included are 3 magnetic conical feet, that snap into place when offered up to the bottom of the feet.

Le DAC 2 is a wonderful sounding component, tonally it is very natural and organic like in the way it paints the musical landscape, it certainly never shouts at your with lively artificial detail or strident leading edges. Don’t mistake a natural presentation for a lack of detail or too much darkness, it delivers all of the resolution and detail anyone could ever wish for and most importantly it really connects you to the music.

Le DAC 2 is just a DAC, you aren’t paying for a pre-amp, volume control a network streamer or even a remote control, it is literally just a DAC and in many ways is all the better for it!

Available in both black and silver





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