Musicworks ReFlex Lite Power Distribution Block


  • Entry Level 6 Way Power Block
  • Star Earthing
  • Great Upgrade
  • Free UK P&P


The ReFlex Lite is the best selling power block and for good reason. It represents phenomenal value for money. Using star earthing with specially selected sockets (selected by Musicworks through listening to countless different sockets!), construction is a solid sandwich of acrylic. A power cable is not included, the IEC inlet allows you to choose whatever power cable you wish, you can use a standard one to start with then upgrade to a Musicworks one at a later date.

I recently did a demonstration of one of these blocks using a Naim Nait 5si and a CD5si, just using the standard power cables on the Naim items with a £400 Musicworks ReVive Lite 2 power cable on the block itself. The jump in musicality, space and detail was superb, easily as significant as changing a component in the system. We then replaced the 2 power cables on the Naim with another 2 ReVive Lite cables and it didn’t take long for the customer to add them to the top of the list of future upgrades.

You don’t need to keep upgrading hardware and losing money on part exchanges to get a better system. Focus on the infrastructure and your system can deliver so much more music and enjoyment, and when you do decide to make that big hardware upgrade you will instantly be getting the best out of it as the foundations for the system have already been laid!

The Musicworks Reflex Lite doesn’t come with a power cable to feed the block itself, giving the option to choose the most appropriate cable for you budget.

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