Musicworks ReVive Lite 2 Power Cable


  • Furutech Rhodium Plated Mains Plug
  • Great Performance
  • 1.8 Metre Long
  • Free UK P&P
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The ReVive Lite 2 is basically the baby brother of the ReVive, using the same mains plug, but a different IEC plug. This cable is a match made in heaven to go with the ReFlex Lite power block; the block works wonderfully well with a standard power cable, but things really start to boogie when you add on one of these to the block. The timing and rhythm of a system dramatically jumps forward, it makes music simply sound more real and more coherent.

The cable also works really well with Naim and Rega, you get fairly substantial improvements in performance when used on a Nait 5 (all versions to be honest) and the Naim XS as well. Likewise on the CD players and Uniti products.

For the price of admission this is an excellent value power cable. Many people are quick to dismiss power cables as snake oil, but if you have a half decent system and you would like to make it better this is a great place to start.

Additional information

Standard Length

1.8 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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