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PowerUs Infinity Challenger 3V


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Entreq pay huge attention to mains and how to clean us dirty mains – after all everything starts with a wall socket!

All Entreq power distribution systems work in three distinct areas – Distribution, Cleaning and subsequent Grounding

Many mains distribution products can often produce an unnatural sound, one that is congested and compressed, it often can sound like the lift and energy has been sucked out of the component. I come across this quite often when a customer has bought product xyz off the back of a review or suchlike. All good to start with but once this new product has been in their system for a little while they realise that something has changed with the presentation of the music.

Entreq have always argued that in the modern home we are overloaded with products that operate noisy switching power supplies or products that dump noise or field effects directly back in to the mains supply. This of course goes full cycle and so the problem increases! Things like halogen lights, fluorescent lights, heating pumps, freezers, phone chargers, broadband routers etc are particular culprits. These types of devices typically cause high-frequency interference on the mains but these and other products also litter the ground/earth plane with strong magnetic fields & pulses. As Hi-Fi enthusiasts this problem negatively effect’s our sensitive audio system as it trys to deal with that delicate signal we call music. In addition to this Entreq have also examined the effect the audio equipment itself has on introducing noise, ripple effect and further magnetic induced field effects, back into the power chain as well as the audio signal itself.

The Infinity PowerUs is a range of completely unfiltered power distribution units, featuring star earthing with a dedicated ground point to connect to a ground box. Designed to reduce stray magnetic fields they simply do the Entreq thing, of lowering the noise floor enabling you to hear more music, and less congestion. They can used in isolation, but connect one to a ground box (prefarably one with nothing selse connected to it) and it offers some pretty substantial increases in system performance. On a half decent system the gains are pretty obvious even just with a quick listen!

Infinity Challenger 3V PowerUs

This is internally hard-wired with Challenger 3V power cable and the cable that connects to wall socket also uses Challenger 3V Power Cable.

The PowerUs is available with either UK, Schuko (or U.S.) sockets. If you specify U.S. or Schuko you get 6 sockets, but only 4 if you select UK due to the increased size of UK power sockets. The Schuko sockets simply mean you need to use Schuko power cables instead of UK ones.

When connected up to your system and also to a ground box, the PowerUs simply does its thing, it lowers the noise floor, cleaning the signal path as a result. Dynamics increase and the system becomes more natural and organic.

As you move up the range of PowerUs the cable that is used internally and the cable that connects to the wall changes to match the name and you get the benefits of that cabling as you step up. Please do not underestimate the benefit this can offer to you system, Entreq have spent more time on mains and how it really works and how to get the best from it, it really shows when you live with it in your system for a while as well.

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Infinity Challenger 3V


Schuko = 6, UK = 4

Special Order Item


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