Serhan Swift Mu2 Special Edition Loudspeakers (Ex-Demo)


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  • Ex-Demo
  • Superb Condition
  • Special Edition version of the revered Mu2
  • Brilliant Compact Stand Mount Speaker
  • Free UK P&P

1 in stock


We have for sale our demonstration pair of the brilliant Serhan Swift Mu2 Special Edition Loudspeaker

These speakers were new in October 2020 and are in absolutely superb condition, supplied in their original packaging.

They have only been lightly used. 

RRP is £7995 a pair so a great opportunity to get a truly magnificent loudspeaker at a greatly reduced price! 

Stands are not included

Brad Serhan has been quietly working away behind the scenes on what are best described as a turbo-charged version of the Mu2 and we are delighted to have a pair on permanent demonstration, they certainly have upped the performance over the standard model, both models are going to run side by side.

The standard Mu2 cabinet is manufactured from 25mm high quality birch-ply as opposed to mdf, this is much better at damping and as a result it dramatically lowers the noise floor of the speaker.

The SE version uses the same style of birch ply cabinet but it is 19mm thick, the missing 6mm is made up by a solid New Guinea Rosewood cabinet, so it’s effectively a cabinet within a cabinet, the rosewood is hand oiled to show off its natural beauty. This type of design dramatically reduces unwanted cabinet radiation and distortion to such a low level that the amount of subtlety and nuance the SE can pull out of a recording is quite something.

The Mu2 SE uses the same ScanSpeak 1″ Ring Radiator Tweeter and the ScanSpeak 5”/15cm Revelator Bass/Mid driver as the original.

These drives units are very highly regarded (and are used in some speakers costing a lot more than the Mu2, $50,000 USD a pair for example in some cases)

The Mu2 SE can accept 4mm plugs/bananas and spades and have Cardas Rhodium plated binding posts, the crossover in the SE version uses the super high-end Auricap XO capacitors, carefully selected after 1000’s of man-hours of critical listening and measurement.

However, components are not selected simply on the basis of brand or reputation – synergy is key. They have to perfectly suit the application. Bass and treble crossovers are kept separate and hand wired, point to point, then silver soldered on 5mm thick high density substrates.

Proprietary micro vibration control is also applied here. These measures reduce unwanted noise and distortion even further.

The Cardas brand terminals are high purity copper with rhodium plating. Expensive, but audibly superior, reliable, and long lasting. (Absolutely nothing has been overlooked. Attention to detail means you hear the detail.)

Just like the standard model the Mu2 SE are huge detailed and informative, but never fatiguing or aggressive even with extended listening sessions. They are not particularly difficult to drive, give them a little volume and they really open up and being a compact design are incredibly fast and agile. These area seriously addictive listen and put to shame plenty of other speaker designs out there from much more well known brands.

Drive Units

* ScanSpeak 1″ Ring Radiator Tweeter
* Patented Symmetrical Drive(SD-2) motor
* Non Resonant Alu Rear Chamber
* Patented Phase Plug Design
* Large Ring Neo Magnet
* Extremely Low Distortion
* ScanSpeak 5”/15cm Revelator Bass/Mid
* Patented Symmetrical Drive motor design
* Low-Loss linear suspension
* Die cast Alu Chassis vented below the spider
* Sliced Cone (controls Cone Breakup)
* Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround


* Low noise floor cabinet
* Constrained layered ‘at source’ damping technology
* The cabinet utilises the constrained layered damping qualities of 25mm Birch Plywood to reduce the the noise floor
* Asymmetric bracing


* Frequency Response (typical in room response): 45Hz – 30kHz
* Sensitivity: 84dB/1m/2.83 volts
* Power Handling (typical music programme): 100 watts
* Nominal Impedance: ~ 6 ohms
* Dimensions: Height 32.2cm, Width 18cm, Depth 23.6cm
* Weight: 12 kg each
* Finish: New Guinea Rosewood


* Low noise floor cabinet
* Constrained layered ‘at source’ damping technology
* The inner cabinet utilises the constrained layered damping qualities of 19mm Birch Plywood to reduce the the noise floor with a 6mm outer cabinet of solid new Guinea Rosewood
* Asymmetric bracing


* ScanSpeak Revelator Bass/Mid driver
* ScanSpeak Ring Radiatior Tweeter
* Cardas Rhodium ‘high purity’ copper binding posts
* Auricap XO Crossover components utilising Solen premium quality air cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non inductive resistors
* Birch Plywood enclosure
* Constrained Layered ‘at source’ Damping technology

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Height 32.2cm, Width 18cm, Depth 23.6cm


10kg Each

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