Shunyata Research Base Ground Cables



The Shunyata Research Base Ground Cables are designed to be used with their Altaira Grounding Hub, they can be used on both the Chassis Ground and Signal Ground version.

Anyone vaguely familiar with Shunyata Research will see the same theme running through the ground cables, all base ground cables are 1.0 metre long by default, longer lengths are available to order.

Venom £250 (£21m per extra 0.25m)

Delta £300 (£25 per extra 0.25m)

Alpha £400 (£35 per extra 0.25m)

Sigma £500 (£45 per extra 0.25m)

Omega £800 (£70 per extra 0.25m)

Their construction and the materials used differ as you move up through the range of cables. Venom, Delta and Alpha are based around Shunyata’s VTX conductor technology, using very high purity copper (C10100 – the only copper to come with a written certification of purity), the conductors are arranged in a tube like pattern with a hollow core.

When you move up to Sigma (and Omega above it) the conductors change to VTX-AG, which uses a mixture of both copper and silver, the outer core is Copper (like the standard VTX), but this outer core surrounds a silver inner core (again made of a high purity silver), this change results in a more dynamic presentation and also improves timing and bass textures/response.

All base ground cables come with out any terminations included in the price so you can build them to your requirements. 

You can specify either spade or 4mm banana plug for the Altaira end of the cable.

4mm Banana Connectors – £35.00 each

4-6mm Spade Connectors – £30.00 each

6-8 Spade Connectors – £40.00 each

At the equipment end of the ground cable there is lots of choice, if connecting to a ground terminal or a chassis screw you can use a spade connector as outlined above for example, but if you are connecting to an unused socket you can specify a Shunyata Ground Tail, termination options are RCA, XLR (both male and female), BNC, RJ45 and USB (both Type A and Type B)

Venom, Delta and Alpha uses a VTX Ground Tail and these are £250 each, with Sigma and Omega there is a VTX AG version of the ground tail, these are £300 each

With the VTX AG Ground Tails there is also an option for an AC Wall Plug Adapter – useful for those using an Altaira who do not owner a Shunyata Power Conditioner, this is £80.00

Shunyata Research VTX RJ45 Ground Tail @ Audio Therapy

Shunyata Reseatch STIS V3 @ Audio Therapy

Examples –

Delta with 4-6mm spades at both ends = £360.00

Alpha with 4mm banana and RCA VTX Ground Tail = £685.00

Sigma with 6-8mm spade to RJ45 VTX Ground Tail = £840.00

All ends are interchangeable by the end user.

I have deliberately left off all of the configuration options from the drop down box as I do not expect these to bought blind online!