Shunyata Research Gamma XC Power Cable


  • Gamma XC
  • Entry level XC Power Cable
  • 1.75m Long
  • Incredible Performance
  • Available with C19 or C15 IEC


The Gamma XC is the first power cable in Shunyata’s XC range, above the Gamma the range proceeds to Theta XC, Alpha XC, Sigma XC and then the flagship Omega XC.

XC cables are designed specifically to optimise the performance of Shunyata Research power conditioners.  XC cables eschew noise reduction features in favour of enhanced DTCD (dynamic transient current delivery) which is essential to maximise the performance of power conditioners and high-power amplifiers.

The Gamma XC delivers advanced technology and unprecedented performance at its very reasonable price point, it features high capacity 10 gauge OFE conductors and advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics.

The Gamma XC is perfect to be used on the Venom UK6 or the Venom V6 power conditioners.

Dynamic Transient Current Delivery

DTCD™ Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts.  Shunyata Research uses it to optimise the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance.  Each part, conductor, noise circuit and material allows for maximum throughput of instantaneous current.

Listeners will experience earth-shaking low-frequency performance from even the highest-current amplifiers as well as dynamic contrasts unheard of outside of a live event.  More than any other design parameter, Shunyata Research’s skill in eliminating resistance and maximising peak-current delivery is unmatched.

VTX-Ag Conductors

Shunyata’s VTX-Ag conductors are the product of a 25-year design progression steeped in credible science and definitive measurement.

VTX-Ag conductors use an outer tube geometry of the purest form of copper, intended to bring out the purest tone and timbres of recorded instruments and voice.  This VTX outer core of pure copper surrounds an inner core of the purest form of silver.  This inner Ag core demonstrably improves macro-dynamics and creates an incredible three dimensional weight and timing in the lower octaves.

CopperCONN™ Connectors

CopperCONN’s™ internal metals are culled from solid copper and use a high-tension spring-loaded contacts for vice-like grip.  This contributes to a measurable improvement in DTCD™ performance and a correspondingly obvious difference in audible performance.

CopperCONN™ connectors deliver measurably lower-resistance connections that will unlock the performance of any component and system.

KPIP – V2 ™ Processing

Shunyata Research’s proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process includes four days of continuous KPIP v2™ processing which refines conductor metals at a molecular level. This dramatically reduces burn-in time and significantly improves sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation. When compared to the original process, KPIP v2™ represents a dramatic performance upgrade on par with a component-level upgrade.


Conductors: OFE Copper

Gauge: 10

Construction: Extruded cable

Dielectric: Fluorocarbon

Noise Reduction: None

AC Connector: Audiophile grade, solid brass contacts

IEC Connector: Audiophile grade, gold plated pure copper contacts

KPIP v2 Processing: 4-days

Color: Charcoal flex

Standard Length: 1.75 meters

Safety Assurance:
Continuity and polarity tests – by two technicians
HiPOT tests insulation breakdown @ 4,500 VAC

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