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Shunyata Research Typhon T2


Home Products Brands Shunyata Research Shunyata Research Power Conditioners Shunyata Research Typhon T2

Shunyata Research Typhon T2


  • Shunyata Typhon T2 Power Distributor
  • 2 UK Outlets with 3rd proprietary connection
  • Upgrade Existing Shunyata Distributor
  • QR/BB Module


The Audio Therapy take...

Shunyata Research Typhon T2

The Typhon T2 is a very interesting new product from Shunyata Research and depending on your requirements it can be used in a couple of different ways in a system. It is a result a 5 years worth of refinement and development over the original Typhon model.

In simple terms the Typhon T2 is a 2 outlet Shunyata Power Conditioner, both outlets are capable of accepting very high current loads so there is no issue connecting large power amplifiers or a large integrated amplifier to it. If you have a simple system with 1 or 2 devices all you need is the Typhon T2 and a suitable Shunyata XC C19 power cable and you are good to go!

A Typhon T2 costs £5500 on its own and the XC power cables start at £749.00.

The T2 contains the same style QR/BB module as contained within the Denali and the Everest – this module acts like a large reservoir for storing current and delivering it in an instantaneous manner as and when your amplifiers demand it, this QR/BB can deliver large amounts of current faster than a direct connection to a wall socket can deliver it and as such you will find no compression of dynamics. The QR/BB has a US patent on it (Patent Number: US 10,031,536)

The Typhon T2 also has another US patent on it in the form of a ‘Noise Isolation Chamber’, this patented technology (Patent Number: US 8,658,892) was created to reduce high frequency noise on the power line. Inside this chamber there is a  non-reactive ferroelectric substance that actually absorbs high frequency noise.  This reduces noise without any of the negatives associated with power filter coils, capacitors and transformers.

The alternative method for using a T2 within a system is to actually integrate it with an existing Shunyata Power Conditioner, such as a Venom UK, Delta D6 or Alpha A10 – these 3 models of conditioner do not contain a QR/BB module (this module only comes on the Denali and Everest) and by adding a T2 you can gain the QR/BB module plus 2 additional outlets which are isolated from the outlets on your current conditioner – these 2 outlets will become the 2 primary outlets in the whole system in terms of performance. .

When using a Typhon T2 with an existing Shunyata conditioner you will require an umbilical cable to connect the T2 to your conditioner.

The power cable on your current conditioner connects to the Typhon T2 and the umbilical cable connects from the T2 to the C19 socket on your conditioner, the standard umbilical cable is £750.00 for a 0.5m length, if a longer length is required you can add increments of 0.25m for £45 per increment.

If you add a Typhon T2 to an Alpha A10 you are genuinely approaching Everest levels of performance and a T2 connected to a UK6 or Delta D6 takes you easily to what a Denali can offer. It improves dynamics and sound-staging, delivers better timing and improved bass response especially in terms of texture and tone. It’s a not a subtle upgrade in anyway!



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