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Shunyata Venom-X Interconnect Cable


  • Shunyata Venom X Interconnect
  • XLR & RCA
  • All New May 2021
  • Brilliant Performance
  • Free UK P&P


Shunyata Venom-X Interconnect Cable

The Venom X range of cables from Shunyata Research is brand new series released in May 2022

Venom X comprises of speaker cables, a power cable, digital cables and as we have here analogue interconnects which are available in RCA & XLR termination and has been designed from the ground up by Caelin Gabriel. Shunyata wanted to combine affordability and high performance, great build quality and where appropriate featuring technology normally utilised in their more expensive designs. Using a silver copper alloy for all of the conductors and connectors which are copper plated with platinum.

After lots of testing and lots of listening Venom-X is the result, it offers a range of cables that are really quite something given their price points.

The overall presentation of Venom-X is fast, transparent and immediate – but as ever with Shunyata the presentation never shouts at you or forces artificial information at you, strident and aggressive it is not!

The analogue interconnects are by default 1 metre long and are available in RCA and XLR termination. Longer lengths are no problem, the RCA version is £50 for every 25cm, the XLR version is £60.




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