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Solidsteel SS-6 Speaker Stands


  • Three-leg speaker stands
  • MDF top plate in flat black finish
  • Stainless steel vertical tubes with anti-resonant finish
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel spikes
  • Finish:Black or White


The Solidsteel SS-6 speaker stands are a new stand, although Solidsteel have been manufacturing fantastic stands and furniture since 1990.

The SS-6 is a tripod deisgn, meaning you can get it perfectly level on an uneven floor without too much difficulty, any standmount speaker will only perform to the best of its ability if it rigid and stable on whatever it stands.

The MDF top-plate is cleverly decoupled from the tripod by the implementation of some stainless steel bearings and a rubber o ring. If you end up changing your speakers and go bigger you can order a new plate to suit.

The tripod can be mass loaded for additional rigidity if required as well.

With the spikes fitted the completed height of the SS-6 is 625mm

The standard top plate is 160mm x 160mm and width x depth is 330mm x 310mm

The well thought out design of these stands is clearly evident when you listen to some music you know well and swap stands around, if you’ve read my site in any detail you’ll be no doubt aware I’m a fan of decoupling as the influence of sitting on something (anything) can have a massive influence on the sound, if you can truly decouple something you tend to really open the sound and the SS-6 are no exception.

Greater levels of clarity and detail and they really help to pick out subtle little details in recordings that are often masked by noise and distortion, deeper bass – but more importantly deeper bass with real texture and tone.

Priced at £480 a pair the SS-6 should be considered a vital tool to unlock the very best performance from your stand-mount speakers.

The SS-7 is a taller version of the same stand at 725mm and the SS-5 is 525mm

Additional information

Standard Finishes

Black, White



Top Plate Dimension

160mm x 160mm

Tripod Dimensions

330mm wide x 310mm deep

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