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  • Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2
  • Available in Packs of 3 or 4
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The Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2 is the newest addition to the Stillpoints range, released in April 2024

The Ultra 1 has been conceived to sit in between the Ultra SS and the Ultra 2, it is physically smaller than both of these models, but it is incredibly powerful in terms of its ability to mechanically lower the noise floor.

The Ultra 1 is only available in a powder coated black finish, it has a single technology pocket on the top and on the bottom is has 1/4-20 thread for connecting a Stillpoints adapter to. If you are using Ultra 1 underneath electronics the technology pocket needs to make direct contact with the chassis of your equipment (they do not go under the feet), if you are using them underneath speakers you require a set of the correct sized threads and they attached where the spikes would normally fit. If you have stand mount speakers they will perform best if positioned in between the speaker and the stand.

All electronics have unwanted mechanical vibrations and noise running around the chassis and through the circuit boards, by positioning Stillpoints underneath the chassis they drain this mechanical noise into the Stillpoint which in turn lowers the noise floor and improves the performance.

They heighten transparency, increase the air and space that exists around the musicians, they also improve bass weight and scale, they are not a subtle addition!

A new smaller Ultra Base is due for release soon which will give Ultra 1 some levelling adjustment and help bolster performance

Height (inc V2 technology pocket) 29.97mm
Height (main body) 27.18mm
Diameter 34.93mm

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