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  • All new flagship Stillpoints for Loudspeakers!
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Upgrade your hi-fi system without upgrading a single component!

Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively decoupling them from the environment on which they sit.

They are manufactured from ceramics and the highest grade stainless steel available and as a result will last for many lifetimes and see you through countless system upgrades.

By installing Stillpoints under an electronic component like an amplifier (or a speaker) you are effectively eliminating a direct path between the component and whatever surface it sits on and as a result you mechanically lower the noise floor.

By doing this you increase dynamics, heighten transients, increase the amount of air and space resulting in a much more musical and natural presentation. You will get a benefit from just putting Stillpoints under 1 component in your hi-fi, but when you float the entire system a scary thing happens with the presentation. I can’t recall doing a demonstration of Stillpoints which hasn’t resulted in someone being amazed with the results, several incredibly sceptical customers have almost become unofficial brand ambassadors, waxing lyrical about the benefits of Stillpoints online!

Depending on budget it could be more beneficial to ‘float’ your entire system on a less expensive Stillpoint as opposed to throwing all of your budget to Stillpoint one component only. As ever, this depends on the system, your budget and what you like the sound of!

The Ultra 7 is the latest Stillpoints and they are the culmination of many years of experience and development. They are designed for loudspeakers only and to be fair in most cases will be used on fairly serious and expensive loudspeakers, priced at £1249 each a set of 8 is £9992 or 6 (to use under Avalon for example) are £7494. They can be ordered with whatever thread size you require for your loudspeakers.

As mentioned above in reality most potential Ultra 7 users will own loudspeakers costing several times the price of admission here – Avalon PM2 and above, Vimberg Mino or Tonda, plus Tidals’, Rockport’s and some of the larger Magico’s for example. I tried 6 of them under a pair of PM1 as an experiment as whilst wildly out of proportion with the price of the PM1 what they did to the overall performance certainly made me sit and think.

Going from the supplied Avalon spikes to Ultra SS is a really cost effective upgrade and has been fairly popular on many speakes, the step to Ultra 5 is a much bigger step to be fair and I’ve plenty of customers who’ve made these jumps on Avalon Idea, Transcendent, PM1, plus plenty of other speakers like B&W 800 Series, PMC and plenty more.

Using the PM1 as the reference the jump from the Ultra 5 to the Ultra 7 is the biggest single step comparing spikes to any Stillpoints, it is that marked and it completely transformed the way the PM1 sounded, still Avalon through and through, it doesn’t fundamentally change the way the speaker sounds but it just gives you so much more of everything. It’s not about what you hear, it just as much about what you don’t hear.

In reality not many people would pay £17500 for a pair of speakers than an extra £7500 for 6 x Ultra 7. It takes the price to £25,000 but elevates the PM1 to such a level it confidently will complete with anything at that higher price point and beyond.

If someone was comparing 2 different pairs of speakers – one pair at £17,500 and another pair at £25,000 and the more expensive pair comfortably outperformed the cheaper pair if they were within budget you’d buy the better speaker……..

What if they were the exact same loudspeaker and the only difference being the addition of the Stillpoints?………





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